Experience Science on a Larger Than Life Scale at Lawrence Square Mall During March Break

March Break is just around the corner, and it’s panic time. How will you entertain your kids and keep them off the couch? Look no further than Lawrence Square Mall, where kids can experience science on a larger than life scale. They’ll gaze up at a Brachiosaurus that’s more than 7 metres long, learn about endangered species by taking a walk through the massive bellies of giant inflatable animals and conduct exciting science experiments. These incredible March Break events are designed to promote teamwork, communication, creative thinking and problem solving in a fun and memorable way. There’s no better way to kindle a love of learning than fun – even kids who don’t think they like science will love it at Lawrence Square.

March 16-17: Dino Dig


Time travel back to the Jurassic period and explore the ancient world of dinosaurs. After checking out the Brachiosaurus and the colossal head of T-Rex, get dirty on a realistic archaeological dig. Your child will uncover bones and then put them together to reveal a dinosaur. Who knows? You might just inspire the next Indiana Jones.

March 18: Slime!


It’s time to unleash your child’s inner mad scientist! These wacky hands-on experiments will amaze both you and your child.

March 19-20: Zoo Guts

guthutzg polar

Explore endangered species from the inside out by stepping inside a giant polar bear and leatherback turtle. Each animal’s anatomy is supersized so kids can learn about the heart, liver, lungs, kidneys, brain, intestines and stomach of these phenomenal animals.

The week’s events are brought to you by Elephant Thoughts, a teacher-run charity. Elephant Thoughts works with schools in Ontario, in more than 70 First Nations and Inuit Communities across Canada, and in Nicaragua, Tanzania, Nepal, and India.

After you’ve taken in the fun, why not stay awhile? With 80 stores and services to serve you, Lawrence Square has everything you need. Visit www.shoplawrencesquare.com for more information.

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