Experiment with Science over March Break

March Break is a great opportunity to expose students to fun learning experiences outside of the classroom. I recommend that parents take a school subject like science (which some thrive in and others struggle with), and bring it to life in an exciting and accessible way for kids.

There are many cool children’s books about science to help students foster a love for the subject while developing important skills. Many of these books share interesting facts, stories, and activities that I guarantee will keep budding scientists occupied when off school. As an added bonus, I believe that adults will learn some interesting tidbits along the way! Whether you’re planning a staycation at home or packing up for a family vacation with lots of travel time ahead of you, there are countless opportunities for learning. Grab a lab coat; here are five science-themed books to explore with your little Einstein:

Ages 4 – 8

GOODNIGHT LAB: A SCIENTIFIC PARODY Written and Illustrated by Chris Ferrie Fans of the classic bedtime story Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown will love this scientific parody which takes place in the great green lab. This book is the brainchild of Chris Ferrie, a physicist and mathematician who has a passion for introducing young children to science in a manner that catches their attention.

Ages 5+





LIFT-THE-FLAP QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS ABOUT SCIENCE Written by Katie Daynes, Illustrated by Marie-Eve Tremblay This bright and colourful lift-the-flap picture book from Usborne is lled with cartoon illustrations which introduce science in a simple way. Various scientific questions are presented for kids throughout the pages. What is science? Is the sky really blue? How do rockets take off? Children will have fun uncovering answers under flaps.

Ages 10+






TRY THIS! EXTREME 50 FUN & SAFE EXPERIMENTS FOR THE MAD SCIENTIST IN YOWritten by Karen Romano Young, Illustrated by Matthew Rakola This activity book by National Geographic Kids is recommended for families who enjoy conducting science experiments. Grow your own snow, make a camera, and create bottled music! This guide is designed for adult supervision and cooperation. Added bonus: there are science fair tips and tricks!

Ages 8 – 12

INNOVATION NATION: HOW CANADIAN INNOVATORS MADE THE WORLD… Written by David Johnston and Tom Jenkins, Illustrated by Josh Holinaty

This unique resource celebrating science and technology is co-authored by former Governor General David Johnston. Young readers will learn about 50 Canadian inventions – from the light bulb to the whoopee cushion. This title is the companion to the adult edition and hopefully will inspire future ideas!

All ages






TO THE MOON: THE TALLEST COLOURING BOOK IN THE WORLD Illustrated by Sarah Yoon Grab some pencil crayons for this colouring adventure that extends to 4.57m (15 ft.) in length! I am a fan of this space-themed colouring book as it creatively connects science with art. It will also keep artists of all ages occupied over the holiday stretch and can be enjoyed by the entire family.







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