Fall for these Handbags!

Sustainable Materials Make Refreshing Fashions

For every season, there is a handbag…or two. As the leaves turn golden and our thoughts shift to pumpkins, it’s undeniably time to let go of the breezy straw baskets of summer and dig into the heftier bags of Autumn. It’s time, in a word, to make the seasonal handbag switch. We no longer need to carry buckets of sunblock or a rolled up Turkish towel for impromptu pool parties. Now we look for a bag to carry our new, elbow-length statement gloves and silk kerchiefs. Enter the upcycled leather, the endurable backpacks, and the high-gloss handbags.
The Obsidian by BaoLyfe

Leather Handbag from BaoLyfe

A leather handbag is an undeniable necessity.

A leather handbag that upcycles jackets from the ‘80s (and the ‘80s are back with power suits and shoulder pads!) hits a timely, original note. *$300 available at www.baolyfe.com
BaoLyfe’s bold, boho looks scream casual chic
Casual elegance: navy and gold
A bit of backpack with lots of storage

Suzy Q Backpack from Rok Cork

Maybe it’s an unconscious reaction to the ever-shifting climate of international politics, but

backpacks and their ability to endure are on point this fall.

Rok Cork creates their upscale look from an entirely renewable resource: cork. *$198 available at rokcork.com

Recycled treasure made of hand-woven silver plastic bags

Silver Woven Handbag from MotherErth

The oceans are drowning in plastic, and Toronto-based MotherErth is doing something about it with their hand-woven plastic bags, all the while hitting the Fall 2018 trends of shine and silver. *$60.00 available mothererth.com

  *Prices subject to change. See website for details. SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave

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