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Top tips to a liveable outdoor space

As summer winds down, and the leaves start to turn to autumnal shades, you know that fall’s cool demeanour has supplanted itself, foreshadowing in the subtlest of ways, the long winter lying in wait. You might think that your patio and other steadfast outdoor features don’t notice the changing of the seasons, but if they could speak, the things they would tell you! Summer is the perfect time to invest in some teak garden furniture, so don’t leave your outdoor neglected compared to the effort you put into the inside of your home.

Regardless of the season, love and affection [are] key ingredients to life, let alone a backyard. With these in place, the space around your home becomes a reflection of your family, its values, dreams and aspirations. Working with homeowners to add dynamic elements that transform the spaces around their homes into enhanced entertainment, recreation and tranquility areas, is a process that is unique to the client, and depends upon the time of the year, as much as the client’s needs.

Prepping your patio, porch and other exterior spaces for outdoor entertaining, relaxing and the comforts of indoor living, into the early months of fall, requires design expertise, careful consideration, and planning. Spacious exterior puor petit porch, no matter the size of your outdoor space, my top trends will take your outdoor landscaping from now (spring/summer) to wow! (fall/winter), and are certain to turn your spring/summer patio into a fab fall feature.

Au naturel: Fire and water features, natural furnishings, and liveable spaces

Bringing the Indoors Out

Every space, whether indoors or out, is a reflection of the personality, lifestyle and preferences of each family and individual, in essence, the design considers and combines the homeowner’s lifestyle with the natural landscape for a cohesive, consistent result.

This couldn’t be truer than when transforming an exterior space into liveable parts that fulfill a specific purpose, or that have a precise function.

…The design considers and combines the homeowner’s lifestyle with the natural landscape for a cohesive, consistent result.

Be it an outdoor kitchen, a dining area, a living area with office space, or the simple addition of an outdoor fire pit to realise the look of an indoor fireplace in an exterior environment, designers are ever-expanding their horizons, enhancing the outdoors with high-impact decor components, such as entertainment systems, lighting, outdoor living room-worthy furniture, pavilions (which can be covered during the winter, depending on their fabrication), and weather-resistant decor to elevate the overall landscape look.

Work with what you have to refresh the outdoor space

Cozying up to the Elements

Although the summer will soon be a distant memory, at least, until next year, freshening up an outdoor environment is essential until the winter sets in.

Nothing says nature and cohesion like the look of natural furnishings, but beyond furniture, landscapers are choosing to meld nature’s elements of fire and water with their exterior designs

Stone fire bowls, custom-built fireplace structures, and even waterfalls, produce the perfect sanctuary or retreat, not only soothing, but also, playing to the senses of sight and sound with their mesmerising appearance, as well as comforting tones that help to mitigate external noises such as traffic, mechanical systems, and raucous neighbours. Cozying up to the natural elements during the fall months adds excitement and warmth to an outdoor retreat.

Combine colourful fabrics and patterns with water and fire elements to achieve a look of comfort

Simplicity is Key

Requiring no or low-maintenance, natural elements will free your time to enjoy the outdoor space all the more. Besides the numerous natural furniture options available, there are several natural-looking, low-maintenance enhancements to consider, which will complement the natural pieces and elements, into the fall season: artificial grass installed by someone similar to synthetic grass fitters instead of real grass, low-maintenance plant selections, and bigger mulched beds to keep weeds down, and to reduce the need for irrigation. With a renewed focus on high quality outdoor fabrics, to complement the outdoor furniture, there are stunning combinations that are super easy to clean and maintain, well into the fall. Simplicity is key.

Easy-to-clean countertop materials, faux plants to dress tables, and the right lighting to go from dusk to dawn

Let there be Light

Who says the party has to stop when the lights go down? There are way more options to outdoor lighting than the tiki torches of summers past. Needless to say, in the fall, as dusk makes its early descent, a well-lit backyard is essential to perfecting the outdoor space. Exterior lighting will not only extend time spent outdoors, but it will also add depth, drama and ambience to the surroundings, by way of light and shadow.

Needless to say, in the fall, as dusk makes its early descent, a well-lit backyard is essential to perfecting the outdoor space.

An outdoor ceiling fan, which can be stored over the winter will also make August more enjoyable and mosquito-free.

Subtle or dramatic: The outdoors can be a great retreat

Make it Fabulous Darling!

Whether you decide to make an impact statement by adding major decor elements, or you choose a more natural approach, by playing on elements of fire and water, make your outdoor space a liveable one that you’ll fall in love with – in the fall, and throughout the year. This involves all the nitty gritty details that your guests will overlook, included the dreaded gutter cleaning. Unfortunately, gutter cleaning is important!

The outdoors is as much an investment as the indoors, especially if you relish in a natural environment and the crisp, autumn air. Similar to designing a living room indoors, the same rules apply to transforming your exterior space.

Now more than ever before, manufacturers are offering durable, on-trend outdoor pieces that are just as stylish as those you would buy for the inside of your home.

While there are many choices, the biggest faux-pas is in a lack of planning. Establishing a budget that works for you and your landscaping goals, working within it, and staying organised throughout the process, will optimise your outdoor experience. Working with a landscape professional that you feel comfortable with will only simplify the process of achieving the space of your dreams.

Peter Bonanno, MBA is a designr and builder with a strong passion for the outdoors.of beautiful and functional outdoor living spaceshas a strong passion for design and the outdoors – which inspired him to found Curb Appeal Concepts Inc. – a designer and builder of beautiful and functional outdoor living spaces. Peter is grateful every day for the scores of clients who put their trust and significant investment in his hands. Client appreciation continues to be his greatest reward.

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