Finding Your Health and Fitness Recipe #fitnessfriday with Phil Ortwein

Diets, cleanses, 30 day fixes, 6 minute abs…   Its tough to choose who to believe and what to invest your money in.  Sadly, each and everyday we are bombarded with health and fitness misinformation from often un-credible sources.   Their is a strong movement among many top trainers, including many amazing local Midtown Toronto fitness folks that strive to find safe, healthy fitness recipes for their clients. Here are some quick tips to find your fitness recipe: – Convenience: choose a location close to home – Consistency: create a plan that you can keep consistent week to week to see results – Cut the crap: we all know which foods aren’t good for us. Commit to your friends or partner to cut those foods we all know aren’t helping you one bit – Commit: don’ set a resolution, set a goal. You can do it, you need to commit! – Choose to EAT over Dieting: YES EAT!  Eat well, with decent portion size, cut the crap Now that you are feeling some motivation, get out there and start today. 
PHIL ORTWEIN is the owner of Philosophy Fitness – St. Clair West. Specializing in Personal Training and Group Classes.

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