Fit Organix Strawberry Blues Jam

Beerenmarmelade Summer has almost officially left us, but like a bad boyfriend, somehow we just can’t let go. Don’t have the strawberry blues. Devour them instead, man-eaters!  Time to make some sweet memories out of it all, and move on, already!  Seasons being like boys, they may change, but a better one comes along soon enough. Sweet strawberries and moody blueberries make this a twist on a classic. Great over your favourite organic 0% Greek yogurt, or on gluten free bread, package this seductive treat in 125ml jars to remind yourself that a little goes a long way.  

Fit OrganiX Strawberry Blues Jam


1.5c mashed strawberries, from fresh or frozen

1.5c blueberries, mashed

1-1 1/2c unsweetened, pure fruit juice

1pkg low-sugar/no sugar needed pectin

Honey/maple syrup/apple syrup to taste

Juice of one lemon, strained
12 125ml wide-mouth glass jars
12 125ml freezer-jam jars
*this is a cooked jam, but does NOT require a canner*

*use a potato masher to smash up berries prior to starting


1. Whisk together fruit juice and pectin to a medium or large pot, bring to a rapid boil.
2. Add in mashed fruit and bring to a boil
3. Remove from heat and add sweetener, if desired.
4. Ladle into jars, leaving 1/2inch airspace at the top

Store jam in the freezer for up to a year, jars will last in the fridge for 3 weeks.

  juleswebbioshot Besides having an extensive background in the health and fitness industry, Jules Lieff founded Fit Organix Inc., a food brand that specializes in high nutrient-dense, hypoallergenic meal delivery and retail products.  She can be found in her Cabbagetown Fit O headquarters, in a Mount Pleasant Village cafe, or every Monday at 7am and 6pm on 103.9 Proud FM.  A recipe revamper and chef personality at Loblaws PC Cooking School, Jules is also the ambassador of the Naturally Delicious pavillion at the Delicious Food Show, 2013. If you think you can keep up, follow her on Twitter @FitOrganiX, and visit the Fit Organix page,, or tune in weekly to hear her blunt yet sound advice. Ultimately, if you show your fridge some love (not in a My Strange Addiction kind of way), your food will taste better, you’ll stay motivated longer and you’ll look more crisp in that new wardrobe than the garden salad you packed with your lunch.


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