[LOCAL] Forgotten Side Roads | Calling on residents to name the laneways of Ward 21 | By Joe Mihevic



Toronto has been hailed for its great neighbourhoods, which can largely be attributed to the city’s vibrant and dynamic demographic. Ward 21 is no exception. We take pride in the community that has evolved over the decades, a community that has an interesting heritage with all kinds of stories to tell. A recent initiative to name the many laneways that lace in, out and between our roadways has presented our community with a unique opportunity to celebrate and commemorate our ward’s geographical landscape and, of course, the array of community members that have made Ward 21 such a great place to live.

I am calling on residents to submit ideas that capture the essence of our community for laneway names in our area. The Laneway Naming Committee has been established, comprised of enthusiastic and active community members, with the purpose of reviewing laneway name suggestions. The Committee will select names on the basis of their connection to Ward 21, in accordance with guidelines set by the City of Toronto Honourific and Street Naming Policy.

Laneways are increasingly attracting attention for safety and security reasons. Emergency personnel (i.e. ambulance, fire and police) need to be able to navigate laneways with greater accuracy in emergency situations. Naming these laneways will serve to put Toronto’s forgotten side roads on the map in a locally meaningful way.

Perhaps you know of a person or event of importance to our local history. Are they worthy of a laneway naming? Why?

Please submit your nominations directly to my office at councillor_mihevc@toronto.ca. The deadline for submissions is October 13, 2014. The Laneway Naming Committee will take it from there.


Published in Village Living magazine  August/September 2014 Edition

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