The 2nd Annual Bump to Baby Show & Beyond – Inspiring Families to go Natural By Jenny Reich

The second annual Bump to Baby Show will be taking place on Sunday, May 15th from 10 AM until 4 PM at the Wychwood Barns. Don’t let the name fool you… this free event is designed as much for those interested in health and wellness as it is for bumps, babies and families. Rachel and Mira This initiative was (ahem) conceived and brought to life last year by Rachel Schwartzman (Right) and Mira Heitz. Close friends and longtime residents of St. Clair West, the two are so in sync with one another that when Schwartzman and her family were looking for a new house, a primary criterion in their search was proximity to Heitz. In their own ways, both have devoted their careers to health and well-being. Schwartzman is a certified naturopathic doctor, focusing on pediatric medicine and women’s health. She has also practiced as a doula since 2002, is a licensed acupuncturist, and mom to three children. Heitz, an Early Childhood Educator, taught at the Helene Comay Nursery School for more than a decade. At this play-based program, centered around children’s social and emotional health, she helped little ones and their families navigate these tender years. She is also the mother of two busy boys, who were birthed with the help of midwives – and best pal Schwartzman as her doula. doulasThe duo, having recognized that the St. Clair West community was under-served with regard to doulas and their specialized capabilities, responded by co-founding West End Naturopathic Doulas this past year. This agency, comprising a team of six accomplished women, provides many services and classes to assist mothers and their families from the birth of their babies through to postpartum support. Despite its recent inception, the practice has already begun to grow steadily. Similarly, it was Schwartzman and Heitz’s shared passion for wellness, nutritious food, informed lifestyle choices and a commitment to the neighbourhood that drove them to establish the Bump to Baby show in 2015. Wanting to spread their knowledge and inspire others, they worked to create an event that supported local businesses and provided an environment where parents and parents-to-be could connect with professionals – and each other. Their inaugural efforts yielded 12 vendors and drew a crowd of more than 200. Schwartzman and Heitz were overwhelmed and encouraged by the response. Appreciating the extent of this niche, they are back this year with an even bigger – and better – version. IMG_7565With 60 local health-conscious vendors, this year’s fair will include many exciting features to engage expectant moms and dads, families, and the wider community. There will be swag bags, an array of tasty samples, live music, and a raffle with an abundance of amazing prizes – including an Uppababy Cruz stroller. Bump to Baby, in keeping with its dedication to children, will be donating a portion of the raffle’s proceeds to The Stop’s notable Healthy Beginnings program. For guests seeking more dynamic activity, both adults and kids can participate in free yoga, dance and music sessions. There will be professionals specializing in services such as nutrition, lactation, and fitness on hand as well as a broad selection of products, clothing, and accessories for babies and adults alike. For those interested in more in-depth information, a lecture series featuring a variety of topics will be available too. Come out, have fun, mingle, and become better acquainted with our vibrant pocket of the city! Say hello to Schwartzman and Heitz whose friendship, despite the efforts involved in organizing this expansive extravaganza, remains intact. Whether you are expecting a little bundle, deep in the trenches of parenthood or simply want to enjoy a beautiful day at the Wychwood Barns, the Bump to Baby Show has something for everyone. bumptobaby
Jenny Reich, a former Montrealer, has called St. Clair West home since 2008. After working in recruitment, admissions and alumni relations for McGill University, she took time off to become a full-time childminder. Now that her offspring are in school, her days are spent drinking champagne and consuming bonbons by the case. She is also a freelance writer and editor.

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