From My Births to Yours: Healing Through Helping #wellbeingwednesday

Do I support women differently because of my own birthing experiences? I was asked this on my doula Facebook page. Initially, my answer was yes. Then I began to contemplate the question more deeply. I became a Doula shortly after a fairly traumatic experience birthing my son, Hudson. I didn’t know it at the time, but becoming a doula and attending other women’s births was the most healing thing I could have done for myself.

I know now that I suffered mentally from the birth of my son. Every time someone would say to me, “at least you’re both healthy,” or, “the health of the baby is most important,” I would almost cringe. Obviously the health of the mother and baby is important, but my birthing experience didn’t leave me healthy. It left me very scared. I wanted answers so I contacted my midwives and my family doctor. I never really got the answers I was looking for until I found the doula group, Bebo Mia. They helped me dissect my birthing experience with evidence-based information that corroborated what I was feeling, and offered me ways to advocate for myself, and for others, in the future.

I had found what I needed. I went on to learn as much as I could about pregnancy and birth. So the reason I became a doula was very heavily tied to my own birth experience, but in practice, when I support other women in labour, I am totally there for them. I know that their births have nothing to do with my experiences. Every birth is unique, and every body does something different.

I am reminded constantly that our bodies do know what to do, given the time and a calm environment. With every birth I support, I become stronger. By the time I had my daughter, I felt confident and trusting again. I had an unmediated V-Bac, and for me, it was pretty perfect. Now that I’ve seen birthing experiences from a few different angles, I’m confident in supporting all forms of birth, and helping women who are looking for any kind of birthing experience. Because all birth can be beautiful.

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