Frosted Flakes

Frosted Flakes Like most Torontonians, I am only too aware of the fact that our fellow countrymen think we’re a big bunch of snow sissies.  Well, STICKS AND STONES PEOPLE!  (Actually, we’re not really equipped to handle that kind of flying branch and rock debris here in Toronto, so … you know, please don’t.) It all started with “Snowmageddon”, the uber-storm of ’99 when another of our illustrious mayors, Mel Lastman, called in the army to dig us out of an accumulation of white powder (no, not the kind our current Mayor dabbles in) that would have been considered frosty-foreplay in neighbouring Quebec, barely worthy of a swipe of their fancy French windshield wipers.  But Mel feared emergency vehicles wouldn’t be able to get through our clogged city streets, so he strapped some shovels onto a few Sherman tanks, et voila!  Snow problem obliterated … along with every ounce of our civic pride. But we’ve been given the chance to redeem ourselves this weekend with a show of staunch resilience and preparedness for the ice storm that’s been hammering our city since Saturday afternoon.  Power is now out in more than 250,000 homes across Toronto, including every street in our neighbourhood … except ours.  I’m not sure why we’ve been spared this pre-Christmas trial, but I am eternally grateful we have, not only for the privilege of heat and power, but because I never bothered to put together an Emergency Kit.  I know, I know … baaaaad homeowner.  In my defense, I would have asked Andrew to do it, but I just presumed his emergency needs would start and end here:
  • The love of family.
No, seriously, he could coast on that for days … because he’s basically a better human being than I am.  Alright, he probably just thinks he could, until hypothermia eventually set in (which, given his lame-o attempt at packing an emergency kit, would likely be caused by me). My kit, on the other hand, would simply start and end here:
  • One strapping, young Hydro worker (No, not for THAT … to fix the power!)
Oh, sweet Mother of God, my lights just flickered. GET THE EMERGENCY KIT!!!! newandiepic

Andie Duncan

Andie Duncan’s ability to communicate has taken her from JUNO Nominated songwriter to published author.  As an older mom to two young kids, she relies on the humour in everyday life to inspire her stories, if not to ensure her very survival.

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