Get Smart on Home Security

Does Your Home Make the Grade?

Security has been on my mind a lot lately. In the past, we have talked about computer security, router security, and even your personal data security. This month, we are going to look at advancements in modern consumer home security. As well as the traditional forms of home security like having strong locks installed by someone like J and L Pacific Locksmith Salem Oregon, there are now so many forms of technology that can be used to keep you and your family safe. But sometimes the old ways are the best, which is why services like cheap locksmiths Melbourne are still in demand. It’s the summer, and people are planning to go away. Who’s watching your house when you are on vacation? What steps have you taken to secure your home? For the longest time, the only real option for home security was an alarm system. While those work great – and I use one myself – I have also started using a few other tech goodies to make my home smart. You could do the same on your own or with the help of Smart Home Installers.
Smart home security can mean severak different connected devices and gadgets
First up: Remote plugs. This is a Wi-Fi-connect wall plug. You can find solutions from companies like TP-Link and Belkin that allow you to enable and disable power to a wall plug from your phone. I use it with a few lamps in my place, and when I am away, I can turn the lights on at night to give the impression that someone is at home.
Ring Video Doorbell
Second is a video doorbell, a Wi-Fi-connected, motion-activated camera and doorbell in one. Unlike a traditional doorbell, this one will ring to your connected devices. So, if someone comes to your front door, you can get an alert on your phone or tablet. It will also show you a video of who’s at the door; some models also have a built-in mic and speaker to allow for two-way conversations

Unlike a traditional doorbell, this one will ring to your connected devices

If FedEx is trying to deliver, and you’re in the backyard, you can tell the person not to leave because you will be there momentarily. Two of the most popular solutions are Ring Video Doorbell and Logitech Circle 2. Third: Digital door locks. These are becoming more and more popular, as the home digital revolution takes shape, and our homes keep getting smarter and smarter.
Lock it in! August Digital Door Locks
The nice part about these locks is that they keep analytics of each time the door is opened and locked. They allow for remote unlocking, as well, so while you’re away, if you need someone to come to your place to water your plants, you can send them a one-time use unlock code. Of course, most offer a fail-safe, and give access to a key just in case you lose your phone, your battery dies, or if your home loses power. Some popular brands are August and Yale. I encourage you to have a great summer vacation and time away, while enjoying a well-deserved rest. With these smart home improvements, you don’t have to worry about bad guys or delivery people knowing that you are away. Regardless of whether you’re at the grocery store or in the middle of Europe. SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave

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