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If you know Jason Rees, you know he knows bbq, and he knows that he knows. The confidence of a well tested pit cook, who has been around the bbq block, from competition team bbq, to a couple of pop ups, to owner operator of Earlscourt Bbq by Porkninjas. This just opened space, at St Clair Avenue West and Earlscourt, is a welcome addition to the neighbourhood, featuring an extensive BBQ menu and an almost exclusive craft beer tap and can list, that Rees says was his dream and pleasure to create.

The no frills family friendly spot can easily be missed, but is sure to become a destination for the area, with the wafting smoke smell emanating from the kitchen in the expansive space. Rees is definitely a presence, and his team is friendly and courteous, explaining the menu to newcomers with welcoming smiles.

Here is a little bit about their menu, verbatim:

“We run out sometimes! We serve local & thoughtfully sourced slow food quickly; some items take more than 12 hours on the smoker. Darn time machines not invented yet! Our chicken is often pink: Natural chicken absorbs the nitrogen from wood smoke giving it a pink appearance, don’t worry though we use a thermometer to ensure it’s fully cooked.” Now you know, so you don’t have to ask.

Seen Here: Meat Tornado | Pork & Kimchi Spring Rolls

Speaking of the menu, it is a good mix of traditional BBQ, with some different and interesting items, sure to become favourites, like the smokey falafel, and my favourite, the pork & kimchi spring rolls. The menu will service small, medium, and large sized appetites, with sandwiches, combo plates and platters, or build your own meats and sides. Try the hushpuppies and the pulled pork, they were favourites at our table, and Earlscourt BBQ is one of the only places you will find Alabama White Sauce, so you might want to order the fried chicken.  “Insert Homer Simpson drool here…”

Earlscourt BBQ by Porkninjas
1278 St Clair Ave. W.
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