Get the Foodie411 on Annabelle Pasta Bar – Newly Opened at Christie & Davenport

Hey friends, have you met Annabelle? Well, she sure is pretty. You know Bob, right? Well, she is Bob’s new neighbour, and such a welcomed addition to our area.

I walk a lot around our neighbourhood, and one day noticed the space next to Bob Coffee Bar being renovated, which was very curious. The space at 909 Davenport (at Christie) has been empty and derelict a long time, so whatever was going in (and from the looks I knew it was going to be food related) was going to be potentially exciting. So, one day I popped into Bob, and the barista let me know that a pasta bar was imminent. Ok, so now you have my attention! The owners of Bob are the team behind Lil Baci, so an Italian focused place by this team was sure to be a solid addition. So, I made plans with an old friend, and went in for lunch, twice!


Annabelle is open from noon to late, and even has a late night happy hour with cheap booze, as well as brunch on the weekends starting at 10. Don’t be fooled by the street view, there is a beautiful dining room upstairs that seats 24, in addition to the dozen or so that can squeeze on the main floor. The chalkboard menu has daily rotating specials, including three value priced pastas (all $10), and their stupendous Po Di Pane (bread using their 10 year old sourdough starter). A nicely curated wine list, and a negroni focused cocktail menu will make it a favourite haunt for many.

Go visit Annabelle and be sure to tell her Joel said hi, let me know what you thought.

Annabelle Restaurant
909 Davenport Road


Joel Solish is @foodie411, and our resident MEATing Chefs Columnist.

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