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As the students are now settled back into the classroom, it is time to make plans for the year ahead. With so many extracurricular activities, appointments and commitments to fill the year, it can be challenging for families to stay organized.

Organization and time management are important topics today in the education world, as these are skills needed not only in the classroom but in life. Often parents don’t know how to teach children about these very things. Enter Sharon Neiss Arbess – mompreneur and mother of three – wanted to tackle this very issue and empower kids at the same time. In partnership with the creators of the Time of Day Calendar for adults, she developed Day Ja View – a family calendar to help busy parents and their kids stay on the ball. This planning tool is unique as it allows kids to know their routine, be active participants in their schedule and learn organization skills early on in life.

At first glance it looks like a regular monthly calendar. However, you would be mistaken. This calendar has a see-through re-usable plastic overlay sheet that is used on a monthly basis to capture ongoing commitments with cute stickers representing everything from soccer practice to ballet lessons. Thus eliminating the need to re-write recurring activities on a traditional calendar or re-enter into any electronic planning device. Like a traditional calendar, one-time activities can be written directly on the month – like grandma’s birthday party!


We sat down with Sharon to learn more about her time-saving calendar and the inspiration behind her product. Here’s what she had to say:

What inspired the idea behind Day Ja View?

I sat down one August evening with the kids’ schedule. After writing down ballet lessons 40 times, I thought there’s got to be a better way. I went to my art supply cabinet, and thought I have to create a better calendar.

How do kids respond to the family calendar?

They love it and think it’s so cool. They can get involved and be part of a team. Often responses include, “Let me fill it out.” Another important aspect behind the calendar is that we have mom and dad stickers for separated families. It is important psychologically that children know who they are with and where they are on weekends. The fact that they have this tactile, physical object calms them down.

How does Day Ja View compare to apps and electronic organizers?

The first question I get is, “Why don’t you make this into an app?” This product is for families with kids under 12 who don’t have cell phones. Or if they do, they may use them for social media and texting, but likely not for scheduling. Parents may have the app, but end up telling their kids, “You have ballet, or you have soccer practice.” This is a way that everyone is on the same page. Day Ja View also encourages family communication. Often we feel we are losing our kids to screens, so let’s put our phones away and talk about what we have to do together as a team.

Where can we buy the Day Ja View calendar?

Retailers include Ecoexistence, Bergo Designs, Papergrafix, and Type Books. It can also be ordered online.


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Joanne Sallay

Joanne Sallay is a Director at Teachers on Call, a personalized home tutoring service with 30 years of experience. Teachers on Call’s Ontario Certified Teachers specialize in providing one-on-one instruction in all subjects and grades including French Immersion tutoring.

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