Gifts for your Favourite Foodie – Make the Holidays Extra Tasty

As the holiday season approaches, you may already be making a list of the people who you will be gift-giving. With popular TV shows and social media being all about foodie fun, it’s likely that you will have a few family members or friends on your list that are all about that foodie life. I’ve compiled a list of a few great gift ideas just for that! These foodie gifts range from beauty to functionality, with a touch of nutritious undertones. If you want to buy any of these for your foodie friend then make sure you’re getting them the best product you can by looking at the reviews on Village Bakery. But first, you need an idea of what you want to buy them so check out our list:
  1. A chef’s knifeknives_slavin Your gift recipient will be so grateful for this generous gift. Not only is a sharp knife easier and safer to cut with (dull knives tend to be the cause of more cuts), it will make slicing, dicing, and chopping a breeze. In turn, meal prep will be faster and more nutritious if the dicing, slicing and chopping involves a variety of vegetables!
  1. A cutting board cutting_boardWhile this may sound a little “ho-hum,” cutting boards are actually a stunning accent to any kitchen or dining space. There are so many beautiful cutting board options out there, from different shades of wood, to unique shapes and sizes. Opt for a cutting board that is made from sustainably sourced material (such as bamboo) or reclaimed wood. Larger cutting boards can have multiple purposes, moving straight from the kitchen counter to the table, family style dining.
  1. A cast iron panrs2317_ls2024-2668 Lodge and Le Creuset both make stellar pans—with varying sizes from Lodge and cute colours from Le Creuset. They are trustworthy cooking vessels, as you will always get a beautiful crust and/or caramelization on whatever food you are cooking. It’s time to let go of your non-stick pans that are coated in toxic chemicals and embrace the more rustic charm of cast iron cookery. Interesting fact: studies have shown that cooking in cast iron pans can provide some iron into your diet, so if you’re low in iron consider the benefits of cast iron cooking (but do not solely rely on this for your iron intake).
  1. A fish spatula fish_spachalaI know this gift idea sounds very unusual, but how many times have you tried to cook fish and the delicate fillet has broken apart? Consider a delicate fish spatula for your favourite foodie who is trying to incorporate more heart-healthy, anti-inflammatory fish into their diet. This is a game-changer when it comes to cooking fish, as the elongated shape of this utensil helps to “shimmy” underneath the fish fillet to gently lift and flip. The perfect gift companion to the aforementioned cast iron skillet.
  1. High speed blenderblendtec As we all know by now, smoothies are all the rage. But is it really worth investing in a high speed blender for your favourite foodie? This is the priciest item of the list, so it may be worth splitting this with a few family members or friends for the lucky person who gets this gift. In short, high-speed blenders do a fantastic job at emulsifying all the ingredients in your smoothies (hello, creamy dreamy smoothies) as well as breaking down more fibrous foods (goodbye, tiny berry seeds that always get stuck in your teeth, or chunky pieces of kale in your green smoothie). High speed blenders are also great for making dips, salad dressings, soups and warm frothy drinks. A very multi-purpose home appliance that lasts for many years and holiday seasons to come!

jaimeslavinhsrectangleJAIME SLAVIN is a nutritionist, registered dietician, Masters of Public Health, food educator and advocate for your health and wellbeing. JAIMESLAVIN.COM

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