Great Advice for New Parents Before Bringing Baby Home #wellbeingwednesday

Me and my bestie started the Bump to Baby Show 3 years ago to help a community of parents come together. Between the two of us we have 5 kids, and we still remember how difficult those early days are. We both had babies hospitalized not long after delivery. My first born lost 15% of his birth weight, had episodes of apnea, had serious high levels of bilirubin that he almost needed a blood exchange. I was young and had a poor support system. For this Wellbeing Wednesday I am sharing with you some things new parents can do before bringing baby home.

Take a good prenatal class. We took a class before having our first baby, but it wasn’t the best and I didn’t take it seriously. I was so focused on the labour, I couldn’t think about what it was actually going to be like to have a baby! As a doula I will say, the labour is the easy part. It is one day. A baby is for life!

Get lactation support. If you want to breastfeed, make sure you are doing it right from the start! I thought I knew what I was doing, but had no clue. My baby had a shallow latch, and did not get much milk. Jaundice sets in quickly and then babies get sleepy. Whether you use the public system of hire a lactation consultant, I would really recommend some support. I also love lactation herbs; it’s great to have some fennel, fenugreek and nettle at home in case you need it.

Adrenal Support. Having a new baby is stressful. Those pictures on Instagram make it look all perfect. Little sleep, round the clock newborn care, and healing from delivery is a sure fire way to burn out your stress glands. Think about chamomile tea, a bowl of steel cut oats, an epsom salt bath, and sleeping whenever you can. These are all great ways to nourish your body daily.

Good nutrition. I know it is hard to eat “right” when you have not slept. But a diet high in fruits and vegetables will give you lots of vitamins and minerals, make sure your bowels are moving well, and hydrate your body. Aim for protein with each meal and focus on low sugar meals to prevent mood swings. Freezing some healthy meals is a great kitchen hack ready to thaw out anytime you need.

Say yes. When someone says can I bring you a meal? Say yes. Can I come hold the baby and give you a break? Say yes. It really takes a village to grow healthy children, let yourself be part of a community.

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