Great Books to Rule School 

School’s in!

While there is still a lot of summertime to enjoy, back to school is around the corner. Change and the unknown can be stressful for kids (and for parents). Preparing students in advance is a helpful strategy for a smooth transition back to the classroom and everyday routines. 

Parents can reframe this for their children by planning ahead, starting meaningful conversations, and shopping for new essentials for the season. I believe that parents can also help ease back-to-school jitters and evoke feelings of excitement with the help of school-themed books.

Here are 4 reading suggestions to get back-to-school ready:

Mr. Fish preps for school with Miss Hewitt’s help



The Pout-Pout Fish Goes to School 
Written by Deborah Diesen, Illustrated by Dan Hanna
Ages: Baby – 6

This is one of my favourite back-to-school stories, and the recent re-release as a board book makes it a good time to revisit it. I am a huge fan of this bestselling series – and this pick in particular, with its catchy phrasing and positive message.

In this tale, Mr. Fish navigates his insecurities about learning with the help of his very special teacher, Miss Hewitt. It’s perfect for little readers who are starting school or who need a motivational boost.




How many rules can Kyle handle in Seven Rules?


Seven Rules You Absolutely Must Not Break If You Want to Survive the Cafeteria

Seven Rules You Absolutely Must Not Break If You Want to Survive the Cafeteria
Written by John Grandits, Illustrated by Michael Allen Austin
Ages: 6 – 9

This humorous school tale is a great choice for students who fear new situations. This lunchroom adventure follows Kyle as he attempts to buy food from the cafeteria for the very first time. His friend Ginny gives him a list of seven survival rules to follow.

Students will laugh out loud as Kyle breaks every single one given to him. At the end of the story, he even comes up with his very own suggestion to add to the list. To find out rule eight, you will need to read the book!



Cool down with these tips




Stress Less: Tips and Tools to Help you Chill
Written by Helaine Becker
Ages: 8 – 12

This short, easy-to-read paperback is written in easy language for students to follow, and is filled with ideas that are meant to help students navigate everyday stressful situations.

This book can also be applied to back-to-school time! Facing your fears, being yourself and making a don’t do list are just a few of the tips covered. Also, don’t forget to take deep breaths – a great all-round tip!







The healthy lunchbox can be tasty, too





The Mix + Match Lunchbox: 27,000 Wholesome Combos to Make Lunch Go Yum!
By Cherie Schetselaar and Britney Rule
All ages

Making healthy lunches throughout the school year is a goal of many parents, but it can also be a cause of anxiety for the entire family.

This unique cookbook has split pages in three sections to help make different lunch combos with whole grains, proteins, and fruits/vegetables. The easy mix and match recipes make it a fun resource for involving children in lunch prep. 


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