Greater Wealth, Better Health: Investing Where It Counts with Sandy Cardy #healthandwealth

healthandwealthThroughout my years as a leading authority on financial, tax, and estate planning, I have helped people grow their net worth and preserve the value of their estates.

My number one message to clients? “Wealth is built with returns over time.” The best outcomes for every person’s financial future come from a sound, life-long investment strategy and not short-term solutions fraught with high risk. My clients received advice on everything from investing for their children’s education to tax efficient investment strategies, and from minimizing their income tax burden to planning for retirement. Anyone looking to make savvy investing in stocks should have a look at for further guidance and support in this particular area.

Those are important topics. Gaining an understanding of investment planning and estate planning concepts is critical. I’m proud of my contribution in helping families prepare for their golden years, stressing with every client the necessity of planning for the standard of living you want for the last two or three decades of your life— when not many people are still collecting a paycheck.

Four years ago, it became clear that my definition of wealth was flawed. That’s when I was diagnosed with a late stage cancer. I never saw it coming.

Eating well, exercise, a fulfilling career and a loving family—I enjoyed all of these things. But, I hadn’t paid enough attention to investing in my health. I didn’t realize how much more I could have done in terms of preventive care.

It wasn’t long before I realized: what good is all that financial planning if you aren’t around to enjoy the rewards? Why not apply some well-tested principles in financial planning and see if some could be applied to one’s health development? So I began to invest thoroughly in both my mind and body. I spent three years researching and investigating all things health-related, using my body as test lab. In essence, I was on a quest to restore the reserves of my well-being, one that required time, patience and a disciplined mindset for detailed research.

A new era of personalized medicine is beginning, along with a growing awareness of our bodies’ ability to self-repair. In the next decade I expect there will be general acceptance of the notion that the body is remarkably resilient. There will be a shift in support towards preventive medicine, and a new understanding of the need for a healthy mindset.

I had always equated the word “investing” solely with money. But, what exactly does it really mean? It means taking a long-term perspective about the future. From this standpoint, it includes thinking about performance and returns holistically—not just in terms of financial health, but incorporating what we invest in our biological health to ensure lifelong well-being and wealth.

Of course, nothing is ever a sure bet—in finance as well as health and wellness, the road is tough to navigate. Just as a grocery store stocks both junk and super foods, the internet contains minefields of confusing, misleading and downright toxic junk.

So you must become your own health and wealth quarterback. Develop a routine and learn how everything fits together. Follow the trends, ask questions and learn to filter out the important from the distractions. For wealth planning, find a financial advisor you trust to guide you. For your health needs, build a team made up of one or more health practitioners with whom you are comfortable. Be sure to periodically assess the performance of your health and wealth advisors. Remember that you are in control. You are free to make changes to your course if you aren’t satisfied.

My aim

In future columns, I will provide sound insights with practical, effective health and wealth strategies to transform your life and, in turn, your retirement. The importance of taking steps now for something that will pay off in the last third of our lives may not seem obvious at first. One thing is certain, you can’t afford to listen to that little voice in your head that repeatedly whispers you can put off planning your future.

Remember that true wealth is much more than just your financial assets—your health is a vital ingredient.

sandy-cardy-photoraphy-6SANDY CARDY speaks and teaches widely on the importance of making sound health and wealth decisions so that we can enjoy a wealthy future in all senses of the word.

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