Handstands for A Clearer View? See The World From The Reverse Perspective…By Being Upside Down.

“Do not stop trying just because perfection eludes you” – BKS Iyengar

Handstands for a clearer view?

The way in which we all see the world is very different. There are those who see life as the glass is half full and some who see it half empty. There are those who see the silver lining and those who carry a dark cloud around with them everywhere they go. It can be a challenge for us to always see the bright side of things and have continued faith with the laws of attraction… the theory of focusing on positive or negative thoughts that induce positive or negative results.

So sometimes, when you find yourself challenged, stuck, blocked or frustrated, the best thing to do is shake it up, change the patterns, reverse the roles, or try looking at your situation from a new perspective. Balancing on your hands, for example, is a sure remedy to help change your physical, mental, and emotional outlook. Perhaps allowing us more clarity, by virtue of reversing your blood flood, increasing the heart rate, igniting the hormonal system, and physically seeing your world from the reverse perspective…by being upside down.

There are many benefits to the inversion poses practiced in yoga. And the beauty of these poses is that they are all designed to serve every yogi from the novice to the advanced practitioner. Handstands are just upside down Tree poses, Adho Mukah Vrksasana or Handstand, is when the body is completely inverted, and held upright supported by the palm of the hands, while the feet are extended to the sky and the shoulders, hips and ankles are aligned upside down. This may sound frightening, intimidating, or downright dangerous all in the name of perspective…?


The Handstand has been studied and proven to be effective in:

  • Positively affects depression and anxiety
  • Increases better circulation to the neck and brain
  • Relieves pressure in the neck, increasing strength and allowing the neck to be free of tension
  • Strengthens the shoulders and the upper back muscles, arms, wrists
  • Increases your heart rate and cardiovascular health
  • Supports the abdominals
  • Helps varicose veins
  • Activates a sympathetic response in the nervous system
  • Improves sense of balance

However, there are some major components to be conscious of when learning how to stand on your hands with proper alignment, stability, and safety. And there are many props to be used in order to aid the body in order to understand how to balance, engage your triceps and create a strong shoulder shelf for support, and lift through the midline of your body to find the agility and lightness in the posture. Handstand is not to be dismissed as just another hip-acro-yoga pose. It demands the respect and integrity with your alignment. This is not the type of position you want to try for your first time without proper, detailed instruction with a certified Yoga teacher. Those with high blood pressure, pregnant and novice practitioners, those menstruating, and those with spinal injuries should be learning modified versions or finding alternative inversions to substitute for a full Handstand.

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