Through my years of experience as a Fitness Master Trainer, Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach, the NUMBER ONE challenge we are facing is the proper dynamic of nutrition input. We are suffering from a food frenzy of confusion. I’m a lady from the 80’s and have seen some pretty crazy diet fads. I have watched a loved one suffer from anorexia, yo-yo diets, all low fat to no fat foods, low carb to no carb and OH MY GOSH!!!!!! What should we eat, how much and again what should I be eating???? The one thing to understand is that we are all unique and react to foods differently. I react very differently to sugar and caffeine than my husband. Our bodies are unique and each person should be eating for their own satisfaction of pallet choice and fueling benefits. Lets talk plate sizing… Over the years our plate sizing has increased drastically. Our society has grown from a traditional 8.5 inch plate to a 12 inch plate thus increasing the amount of portions eaten at a meal. Not only have we increased our plate sizes, but the increase of obesity and disease is also on the rise. platesizes For many, portions of food sizing is out of control. Our brains have been trained to visually view a meal setting according to our plating sizes. If you’re reading this and thinking I am totally fine, I’m not talking about you. I am talking about the percentage of people who are over eating daily and experiencing serious health issues. Forget about the plate… use it as a decoration. Take a moment and think. Ask yourself, am I eating a balanced healthy whole dense nutrition filled diet? If no… and if you are questioning how you should be eating, just ask someone. I myself use a portion system to keep my food quantities in check.
feliciataubFelicia Taub – Master Trainer and Educator for Beachbody, Professional Personal Trainer, Fit Life Coach and Co founder of Taub Fitness is a 15 year fitness veteran. She’s a busy mom of three boys and has made it her life passion to educate, motivate and teach others to live a fit, happy and healthy lifestyle.   Feliciataub.com Fb.com/feliciataub @feliciataub IG: Feliciataub   Keep it simple and keep it clean!

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