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Healthy Eating in Toronto
Alex Coulson
Naturopathic Doctor and Sport Nutritionist

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I am always promoting healthy eating, which can be difficult to implement in a sustainable way. At the end of a busy work day the last thing we want to do is prepare a meal in the kitchen. So what’s the solution? How do we implement a healthy, whole food diet into our everyday hectic lives? To start, we suck it up, and prepare the meal in the kitchen despite fatigue and the urge to relax. It’s also helpful to prepare meals in advance, so you have delicious, healthy food waiting for you at the push of a microwave button. But, to make things even easier, I’ve compiled a list of my favourite healthy-food restaurants in Toronto. I promise, they are as tasty as they are healthful. Enjoy…

Location: 147 Spadina Ave, 326 Bloor St W, 894 Queen St W & 90 Eglinton Ave E
Favourite Meal: Superfood Salad, All Green Juice

It’s a bit ‘hipster-y’ in my opinion, but undeniably healthy, tasty and reasonably priced. This is a vegetarian restaurant, and while I do not support a vegetarian diet I do support vegetarian meals. The bowls are heavy on the carbohydrates so consume those sparingly, but the salads and juices are terrific meal choices. Take-out available- Sunday night Fresh at home…best.

2. Kupfert & Kim
Location: 100 King St W, Financial District
Favourite Meal: Dan’s Salad

Identified by the slogan “no wheat, no meat”. Sounds a bit concerning, I know. But the meals are prepared at fast-food speed, which makes this the perfect spot for a lunch break pick-up. The ‘no meat’ thing is made up for by the large proportions, reasonable prices, high fiber content and superfood quality. Kupfert & Kim is the reason why I don’t accept crappy meal choices at lunch because “there’s no quick healthy food options downtown” (said every patient who works in the city core).

3. Grasslands
Location: 478 Queen St W
Favourite Meal: Crusted Chicken

Lounge, tapas, bar and restaurant. This is the type of place you would go for a ‘nicer’ sit down meal. Great for a date night too. Does not limit itself to a vegetarian menu, although conveniently specifies which options are vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free friendly.

4. Rawlicious
Location: 2122 Bloor St W, 20 Cumberland St
Favourite Meal: Pad Thai (made from zucchini and kelp noodles)

The name says it all- raw and organic cuisine. It’s a better summer spot, since the menu is cold. But still, a healthy salad is great for a much needed immune boost during the winter season. Plus the food is always delicious.

5. Sadie’s Diner
Location: 504 Adelaide St W
Favourite Meal: Huevos Rancheros

This is the place you go with your girlfriends for Sunday morning brunch. They have great coffee, a warm atmosphere and delicious breakfast food that is entirely organic, free run and friendly to vegetarians, vegans and gluten frees. They do not look at you funny when you ask for almond milk in your coffee instead of cream, which already is a good sign for me. Also open for dinner and drinks, but the brunch is by far my favourite.

Healthy nutrition is a must. But even so, it can be difficult to commit to a better lifestyle when most restaurants do not share the same principle. The key is to not limit yourself, but find a way to have it all in the most efficient way- practicality, convenience AND healthful choices.

DR. ALEX COULSON, ND is a licensed and board certified Naturopathic Doctor practicing at Balance, a Toronto boutique fitness centre.


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