The Healthy Harvest – The Borden Big List – Top Choices for Clean, Healthy, Allergy-Friendly Snacks!

It’s harvest time, and although we should be using the best the organic farmers have grown for us to make up our meals, there is always a need to have our pantry stocked with packaged snacks that are well labeled so we can feed friends with dietary restrictions or allergies on last minute after-school play-dates or lunch. When you walk down the aisles at your health food store or supermarket shopping, look for brands that are made with clean, healthy ingredients that your family will love, but consider too the company and people that make them. Every dollar you spend is supporting something, so made it matter. The following safe-snack brands have all been created and are lead by strong, generous, incredible women in our community, who are committed to keeping us safe while eating good, kind food—try them and share them.

Sweets From the Earth

Sweets From the Earth - LISA BORDENIlana Kadonoff uses clean, 100% plant-based, GMO-free, certified kosher ingredients for everything Sweets from the Earth bakes, from cookies to cakes and squares to cupcakes. They have two Toronto facilities—one dedicated for peanut-, nut- and seed-free products, and the other free of gluten and wheat. Their frozen cookie dough is great to have in your freezer for last minute play-dates, and they do custom birthday cakes, too, which means kids with allergies can enjoy the same dessert as everyone at the party!    

The Healthy Crunch Company

Julie Bednarksi The Healthy Crunch - LISA BORDENJulie Bednarski is dedicated to making a healthy snack, based on her own past struggles with food. Besides making delicious (plant-based, nut and peanut free) kale chips, she is a role model for girls and women with a lot to share about being body positive. Most of her flavours of nutrient packed kale chips are savoury, but she has a banana chocolate variety too.        

Nud Fud

Julia Kirouac Nud Fud - LISA BORDENJulia Kirouac launched her company, Nud Fud (pronounced nude food), in September 2010 determined to fill a void in the market for a tasty vegan snack for those committed to their health, and with dietary restrictions and allergies. Her raw, nut-free, gluten-free plant-based crackers are available widely across Canada, and in the US as well. Try her BBQ crackers in hummus, or her Spirulina banana crackers dipped in melted dark chocolate.          

New Moon Kitchen

Eden- LISA BORDENEden Hertzog was in high school and had a part-time job as a baker in a vegetarian café when it all began. She became a mad scientist and creative baker and devoted herself to inventing dessert recipes that didn’t have butter, eggs, or milk in them using simple, wholesome ingredients and officially opened her bakery in 1997—and that’s still what New Moon Kitchen stands for today. My favourite cookie Eden bakes is the Bite Me cookie and my kids love the MoMints. Look for her signature brown boxes on smart retailers shelves.      

Yes, Peas!

Shannon Yes Peas - LISA BORDENShannon Kadlovski is a nutritionist who founded Yes, Peas! in 2015 out of the need for more wholesome, high protein, high fiber snacks that were also nut-free—for herself and for all of us. Many of the trail mixes and snacks on the market contain nuts, and since her allergy diagnoses a decade ago, she replaced the nuts in her diet with chickpeas and is determined to get us all enjoying her high protein, nutrient-packed snacks. Make sure you try the “bites” and her trail mixes.      
lisabordennewshotLisa Borden is the owner of Borden Communications in Toronto. For more eco-inspired lists of the best stuff, visit


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