HomeworX: Getting the Squeaks and Creaks out of your House for Christmas

Holiday Home Repairs

This year, in preparation for the Holidays, I wanted to offer some sound advice for silencing those squeaks and creaks, clearing the air, and making it safe for Santa Claus to make his way into your home.

As homes age and settle,their annoying squeaks and creaks  will undoubtedly drive you mad.
Here are a few ‘resolutions’ for that and other issues:


Make way for Santa by sanding doors



Squeaky Doors

Remove your doors off the hinges.

With coarse sandpaper, sand the top and bottom corners of your doors.

Make sure the wood isn’t touching, and your doors should swing smoothly and,
most importantly, silently.









Creaky Floors

There’s nothing worse than the sound of creaks in your floors. Most commonly caused by the wood floor rubbing against the plywood subfloor.

Best case, using short screws, screw the floors from
the underside of the subfloor.

Worst case, screw the floors down into the subfloor and add 5/8flooring right on top.


Creaky floors can easily be repaired with the proper tools




Cool brisk weather means more fires.

Before you light up your fireplace this season, make
sure you have your fireplace inspected.





Before lighting, get your fireplace inspected




Duct cleaning calling? Answer!



Air Ducts

Answer your home telephone around dinner time!

Finally, those pesky duct cleaning telemarketing calls can pay off.

The Fall/Winter season is the perfect time to get your
ducts cleaned.


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