HomeworX: Radiant Floor Heating

Do you dread waking up and walking barefoot on a cold floor? Well, If you’re in the process of planning a renovation or building your new home, consider installing radiant floor heating. It’s an energy efficient way to keep warm and also, delivers a sense of comfort, especially on those cold winter mornings. As a builder of many homes and contractor on many rebuilds and renovations, I have experienced radiant floor heating in other people’s homes and first-hand in my own family’s home. 

As we reach the heart of winter, I thought I’d give you these few great reasons why radiant underfloor heating is a good idea for you and your new home:


Uniform Heating

Floor heating systems heat the entire floor, which leads to an evenly heated room, without those cold dead spots where vents just don’t reach;


No Noise

Unlike forced air systems that use a furnace, radiant floor systems are known for being very quiet;



No blowing vents, which means dust and allergens remain undisturbed;


Uniform heating is achievable!


Energy Efficient

Efficient in terms of retaining heat;


Room Function

Hydronic radiant floor heating is virtually an invisible system


Want to know more? I’m here to answer any questions you may have on this and other topics related to building, rebuilding, or renovating your home.

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