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The month of February is associated with love, happiness and friendship. It is a time to exchange Valentine’s Day cards and spend time with the ones who are the most important to us. Towards the end of the month the spirit of unity continues in support of anti-bullying for Pink Shirt Day.

Here is a shortlist of books for young readers that capture the mood of February:



By Monica Sheehan, Illustrated by Monica Sheehan

Ages: 2-5

Best-selling author Monica Sheehan offers this feel-good story that’s perfect for Valentine’s Day—or any day at all. We are reminded that love comes in many forms—in this case it is shared between a dog and a mouse. The young reader will love the rhyming text and cute illustrations. Warning: be prepared to smile a lot.



By Sandra Boynton, Illustrated by Sandra Boynton

Ages: 4-8

Consider Love: Its Moods and Many Ways explores the different forms of love in all its glory. It is written by the wildly popular Sandra Boynton who has brought us Moo, Baa, La La La and other children’s favourites. It is poetic, soulful and most of all sweet. From her many titles to choose from, it’s perfect for this time of year.



By Natale Ghent 

Ages: 7-10

This chapter book follows a unique guinea pig named Millhouse— affectionately known as Milly. With a great love for theatre and William Shakespeare, he is not your average pig. Milly is picked on by
the various pet shop personalities due to his appearance as a hairless, skinny creature. As a result his pet peers do not consider him to be a VIP—Very Important Pig. Perfect for middle school students, the themes of bullying are present and represented with a cast of pets, as well as an interesting introduction to Shakespeare. This tale follows Milly’s journey to find happiness, friendship and the theatre stage.

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