Have Fun This March Break with Interactive Books with Joanne #teachmetuesday

March Break is on the mind of every student and parent, and plans are in motion to fill the time away from school.

Whether you’re sending your child to a March Break camp, planning a staycation at home, or packing up for a family holiday, there are countless opportunities for learning with books. The key is to search for engaging reads that will both entertain and challenge young readers.

Here are three books to keep students busy over the break:

Lift the Flap First 100 Words
By Scholastic
For ages: baby – 3

This interactive board book is a must for baby’s first library. Each page is filled with flaps to lift that reveal words and matching pictures. Favourite subjects for tots are covered, including toys, clothes, food, and numbers. The educational benefits of this book are endless and the family bonding you’ll enjoy while reading it is priceless. Your little one will be stimulated for long stretches of time and develop new vocabulary along the way!





Harry and Clare’s Amazing Staycation
Written by Ted Staunton, Illustrated by Mika Song
For ages: 4 – 8

This is the perfect picture book to choose if you are planning to relax at home for the holiday break. Harry and Clare are not travelling for their vacation. Lucky for them, they have active imaginations to keep them busy and take them to far off places. These siblings have a lot of fun exploring everywhere from Mars (their living room) to a jungle (which quite resembles the local park). As an added bonus, there is a free online activity kit to accompany Harry and Clare’s adventures that is filled with ideas and games for your own staycation.



Get Outside Creativity Book
By National Geographic Kids
For ages: 6 – 9

Filled with games, puzzles, brainteasers and stickers, this spiral-bound activity book will keep little learners occupied while away from the classroom. It’s a unique title in that it encourages students to play outside and “bring it outdoors.” At the very end, there is even an Outdoor Explorer Certificate courtesy of the Get Outside Society. If your March break brings some cold, rainy days that make you want to stay indoors, this series also offers the Stuck Inside Creativity Book.





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