Intimidated by the equipment in your condo’s gym? Wish you were making more use of your building’s amenities?  Or are you a regular looking for more variety? You aren’t alone! Here are a few tips on how to get started:

Step 1 – Let Go of That Pesky Ego

“I work with bodies, not machines!” As a personal trainer I’ve been working with gym equipment for over a decade, but whenever I start training a new client at their condo and have to figure out how a different machine or model works, I always feel a little sheepish before I try to tackle it. We weren’t born knowing how to cook or change a tire, and the same is true of working out at the gym. There is a learning curve, and there will be mistakes, but in the words of author and TED sensation Brené Brown, we have to “dare greatly” and be vulnerable to be successful. Let go of your ego, welcome mistakes, experiment, educate yourself as suggested below, and you will succeed.

Your ego may think that everyone is looking at you while you’re workout – but they’re not. At first glance they may think “Good for them that takes guts!” or “I remember how tough my first day was,” or “Should I offer to help them?” Just like being “ghosted” after what you thought was a great date – you will never know what they are thinking. And more importantly, who cares?! I’m here to tell you (and your ego) that after these brief thoughts, they will then go back to focusing on their own workout, not you. You’re special, but not that special.

Step 2 – Educate Yourself

The hardest part about a workout isn’t the squats or burpees, it’s getting dressed and opening the door to the gym! So use your first visit to NOT do a workout (ya, I said it)! Instead, use it to go and scout the place out to increase your comfort level. Take some pictures of the equipment and make notes of the model names and numbers. Then head back to your condo and educate yourself by searching for the equipment you saw online – you’d be surprised how many “how to videos” are offered by the manufacturer or other fitness pros. The very next day plug your headphones into your phone, follow the videos you found, and set up the equipment based on their instructions. Start by choosing a weight you can do only 10-15 times in a row (repetitions), take at least a one minute break, then repeat the exercise 2 or 3 more times if you can (1-3 sets). 

After a few weeks with the equipment, make an effort to do more functional training with less machines and more free weights or body weight exercises for a greater challenge. Already working out at your condo gym? Try one new piece of equipment you’ve never used before to shake it up, and be sure to change your routine every 6-8 weeks to prevent a plateau. The most common mistake avid gym-goers make is repeating the same routine for too long and expecting greater results.

Step 3 – Book the DexFit Workshop: “How To Use Your Condo Gym!” 

Wishing you had some one-on-one expert advice, want a guided tour of your facility, knowledge of gym etiquette, a detailed program, or want to break a plateau? Book the DexFit Workshop “How To Use Your Condo Gym” with yours truly, award-winning speaker and certified personal trainer Charlene Carroll. You’ll learn how to use your gym’s equipment, and gain confidence with a take-away exercise program with multiple age and ability levels. You’ll be instructed in safe, corrective and effective exercise techniques you can use at your condo the very next day, to help you Train Smarter to be Stronger! Share this article with your Toronto Condo Board and request this 90 minute workshop for you and your condo’s residents today!

Charlene Carroll: Dexterity Fitness BA, PTS, PFS, KBTS, CFST L2

Charlene is the founder of Dexterity Fitness, a certified Personal Trainer since 2008, Fascial Stretch Therapist™, and award-winning Corporate Wellness presenter. Clients are educated on the importance of training “smarter to be stronger” through functional exercise and core strengthening. Moving with ease, free of pain, and completing new movements you never thought possible, and carrying your body with a revitalized strength, look, energy, and posture that improve your sport or daily tasks – these are just some of the results DexFit clients experience. Contact Charlene to get into the best shape of your life!  Book your in-studio, in-home or online Consultation today – www.DexterityFitness.c

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