How Low Can You Go: Same Chair Different Prices

In design school we had two different courses completely about chairs. I was hesitant to believe that chairs could be their own subject. At school we were pushed to learn 50 different iconic chairs and their designers, names and of course the date they became available.  Today I realize how important chairs are to the practice of Interior Design. Learning about the different iconic chairs taught me more about style, design and materials than any other course.

The Eiffel Chair
Designer: Charles and Ray Eames
Material: Polyester reinforced fiberglass
Date: 1950

The chair was originally designed by the brothers as an entry to an international competition for inexpensive furniture. The competition was sponsored by the Museum of Modern Art. In 1950 this chair was entered as an exhibit in the MoMA.

Available at Design Within Reach, The Eames molded Plastic Chair starts at $430.00 (Shown Above)

The least expensive replica we could find was at Structube for $39.00 (Shown Below)


The Ghost Chair
Designer: Phillipe Starck
Material: Transparent Polycarbonate
Date: 2002

Brilliant Designer Phillipe Starck created a playful take on the traditional LouisXIV chair style. This chair is designed to be able to be used indoor and out. The chair is constructed with a mold that allows there to be no seams.

Available at Design Within Reach armchair $560.00 (Shown Above)

The least expensive replica we could find was from Structube $49.00 (Shown Below)

Wassily Chair
Designer: Marcel Breuer
Material: Metal and Leather
Date: 1925

The Wassily chair was inspired by the handle bars of a bicycle. Named after Wassily Kandinsky the abstract painter who was close friends with the designer.

Available from Design Within Reach $2,167.50-$2,843.25 depending on material chosen (Shown Above)

The least expensive replica we could find was from and $255.60US (Shown Below)

LC2 Chair
Designer: Le Corbusier
Materials: Leather and Metal
Date: 1928

The LC2 chair was really the first modern arm chair to appear on the design scene. Le Corbusier played a very important role bringing design into the technology age. Creating democratic designs that served a purpose in an age dominated by machines. To this day, each Le Corbusier piece is numbered and signed under the license of The Le Corbusier Foundation.

Design Within Reach $6,570.00 (Shown Above)

Designed Replica Must Love Furniture $1,299.00 US (Shown Below)

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