In Conversation with… SCW Local Amanda Jewson

Join us in counting down the weeks to The Bump to Baby Show at the Artscape Wychwood Barns on June 2nd! With 2 weeks to go, meet B2B sponsor, Amanda Jewson child sleep specialist and founder of Baby’s Best Sleep.

Amanda is an infant and child sleep specialist who founded Baby’s Best Sleep right here in St. Clair West in 2017. 

She is a women’s mental health advocate and weaves a lot of her perspective into her judgment-free approach. 

Amanda has lived in the neighbourhood since 2013 and is raising her family to love good bagels at Lox and Smear, amazing Italian at Tre Mari Bakery, and a variety of local culture at Wychwood Barns. 

Where is your favourite place to recharge? I love to head to Lox and Smear. Its quiet, fast and delicious. The Lox are incredible, but the tuna salad is the best in the city. I like to go alone during the week, eat alone and not share with my tiny humans.  

What specialist are you most reliant on (e.g. vet, massage therapy, acupuncture, etc.)? Mari and Lauren at Yellow Gazebo massage are wonder women. Obviously, Rachel–to whom I’ve porch picked many a thing from! 

Where do you (or did you) meet the most people with babies or toddlers? Belly Bootcamp St. Clair West location. I actually still do private training with Dara, the creator of BB!

What event, experience or local business do you think best represents the spirit of St. Clair West? I’m clearly biased, but the Bump to Baby show is vibrant, young, fun and the real deal. I think it accurately represents the demographics of our hood. I’m also a huge fan of Salsa on St. Clair. I seem to be the only one, but I love the dancing colours and energy. Bring it ON!

Photogrpahy By: Michelle Crockett Photography

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