In Conversation with… SCW Local Chana Ross

Join us in counting down the weeks to the Bump to Baby Show at the Artscape Wychwood Barns on June 2nd. With 3 weeks to go, meet B2B sponsor, Chana Ross:  

If a ray of sunshine were a person, it might well be Chana Ross. Owner of and practitioner at Vital Physiotherapy, she has a knack for making the topic of pelvic health – her specialty – more compelling than anyone else. In addition to providing prenatal and postpartum physiotherapy and rehabilitation for all forms pelvic pain, she is also a popular educator in the field. Her other job is being a mom to four (!) amazing children. Knowledgeable, cheerful, and empathetic, Chana is the neighbourhood’s go-to pro for support in all matters of pelvic well-being.

Stay tuned for next weeks interview with the very popular Amanda Jewson, of Baby’s Best Sleep.

1. What act of kindness have you witnessed lately in the neighbourhood?

One of the many snowy days I arrived at work with my 5-year-old son who was home from school. We got stuck in the snow before even pulling into park. My neighbor from two doors down, Frank, who owns the Rushton, was out with a snow blower. He just made his way over to us, cleared the snow (to my son’s amazement) and moved my car. He was a lifesaver!!

2. Where is your favourite place to recharge?

Rocket cycle– I always feel better after a class. I love Rory’s classes- I get to belt out my favourite songs and have a dance party on my block. Dr. Shaila, the Chiropractor at Vital, and I have a weekly date to spin together Thursday mornings.

3. Which eateries do your kids beg to go to? 

Dutch Dreams. It’s their FAVOURITE!!!

4. What is your favourite outdoor space?

Wychwood park! It has a great area for kids to play and they love the splash pad there in the warmer weather.

5. What unexpected place, service or event has become your most valued resource?

Bump to Baby show was actually my first exposure to the St Clair West community. I did my first show while I was still building my clinic. Everyone was so warm and welcoming and the other vendors made me feel so at home. Many of my closest relationships were made at the show.

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