In Conversation with… SCW Local Jeff Bernstein

Join us in counting down the weeks to the Bump to Baby Show at the Artscape Wychwood Barns on June 2nd. With 4 weeks to go, meet longtime B2B sponsor, Jeff Bernstein:

Jeff is the Managing Partner at Seligman Insurance, a family-owned insurance and financial advice company that has been serving clients for nearly 60 years. He recently opened up shop right at St.Clair and Christie. When he is not busy doing insurance things, you may see him around the neighbourhood with his two kids, his husky-shepherd Nash, or training for a triathlon.

Come by Jeff’s booth at the B2B show for fun kids activities, to talk parenthood, and enter a raffle to win an amazing prize! Is it a lifetime supply of chewing gum? A Bedazzler and party pack of rhinestones? A trip for two to Paris (Ontario)? Introduce yourself to Jeff at the show and find out.    

1.     What act of kindness have you witnessed lately in the neighbourhood?

Sometimes the smallest acts of kindness mean the most. My kids have been heavily reliant on their pacifier of choice: the WubbaNub (the soothers attached to little stuffed animals). If you already know what a WubbaNub is, then you are familiar with the sudden surge of panic that strikes when you arrive at your destination and discover that it has fallen out of the stroller somewhere en route. I will always be grateful to those who pick up the WubbaNubs (also mittens, hats, keys, etc.) and place them on fence posts and other obvious spots so we can find them more easily as we frantically retrace our steps.

On a similar theme, my phone fell out of my pocket while I was jogging last winter. I ran out to search for it (all the while freaking out about the lost photos, notes and other information I hadn’t backed up), and serendipitously bumped into the very person who found it. She was in the process of figuring out how to return it to me! Needless to say, I was thankful, relieved, and once again reminded of how good it feels to live in a community where people look out for one another.

2. What is your favourite outdoor space?

When we have the time, we love bringing our dog to Cedarvale Park, which is her favourite. Otherwise, we can often be found in Graham Park. It’s a great little space and close enough to several spots that fulfill our caffeine needs while out with the kids. Also, my little guy is obsessed with the graffiti art in the adjacent Feel Good Lane. (In case you were wondering, Deer and Fox #FTW!)

3.     What service do you rely upon the most?

Philosophy Fitness is an amazing resource for me. Just about all my time is spent either working or with my family, so the convenience of squeezing in a workout class or yoga session on virtually any given evening feels like a real luxury. Their newly expanded space as well as incredible, attentive trainers provide a huge boost to my physical and mental well-being.

4.     Where do you (or did you) meet the most people with babies or toddlers?

Believe it or not, I meet the most people just by standing outside my new office at St Clair and Christie! That intersection is in the midst of it all, and functions like a family hub. I love saying “hi” to familiar faces and seeing people stroll to their favourite local spots: Cocoalatte, Baker and Scone, Emma’s, Mabel’s, Pain Perdu, Kibo and more. 

5.     What advice or message would you give to people moving into the neighbourhood?

Embrace it! Walk (or cycle) every block, shop and eat locally whenever possible, and just be grateful. We live in an amazing community… you’ll soon come to know your neighbours as well as your close friends who may already be living here. Clichéd as it may sound, we really do live in a caring community.

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