Interview with Chef Daniel Wong | Craque de Crème #midtown

Early on a Thursday morning, I met up with Chef Daniel Wong at his café Craque de Crème. Located in midtown Toronto right on the intersection of Bathurst Street and Nina (1360 Bathurst Street, Toronto), Craque de Crème specializes in flavoured crème brûlée with an assortment of creme ranging from Pandan Coconut to Vietnamese Coffee to Ferrero Roche.

Originally from Vancouver, BC, Chef Daniel has found success within the dessert market with his Vancouver store Crackle Crème. Inspired by Japanese dessert culture, Chef Daniel sought to expand his horizons and bring his restaurant to Toronto. Craque de Creme currently serves a variety of cafe items from house-made ice cream to waffles to rose lattes and even the adorable Tsum Tsum macaroons that have been all over Instagram made by @BakerSiu (Christopher Siu of Masterchef Canada – known for his phenomenal Asian-inspired cakes!)


Q: What is your favourite Crème Brûlée flavour?

A:  Bailey’s. I love espresso and pairing it with the Bailey’s creme brûlée was just really good… although I just did a pistachio and I love that too now!

Q: What product are you most proud of?

A:  The waffles – the recipe took a long time to perfect.

Q: Why did you decide to expand from creme brûlée into waffles and ice cream?

A:  I wanted to make sure there was something for everyone on the menu. A lot of times,     people hear about the creme and drag their spouse to come too. I wanted to make sure there was something on the menu for people that wanted something heavier.

Q: Which creme is the hardest to make?

A:  Ube [a potato commonly used in Filipino cuisine] – is hardest to make because you have to cook it first and also puree it smooth enough so that it’s not grainy. Also it’s hard to find ube at times.

Q: If you were stuck on a dessert island (an island full of dessert) – what would you want the island to be made of?
A: Probably be meringue and fruits like Pavlova
Q:  What is your all time favourite song(s) to jam to when making dessert? 

A: Hip hop or dance as it really gets me moving and helps me with being quick. (Upbeat music)

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