It’s Tea Time at Little Tots’ Manor


The ritual of high tea is rich with history and tradition.  Much like Little Tots’ Manor, a pillar in the Toronto community, celebrating their 15th year educating children.  And what better way to rejoice than over a cup of tea!

Little Tots’ Manor, a private daycare and kindergarten school, brings a taste of the Windsor Arms elegant tea room to their community every spring – with an educational twist.  This April they celebrated their 10th annual Grandpals’ Tea Day.  Their signature event began in 2004 and has become a much loved and anticipated event among all the children, teachers, parents and most importantly – grandpals.  Who is a Grandpal?  A grandpal can be a grandparent, grandaunt or granduncle, grandneighbour or grandfriend!

Hosted at their facilities in the heart of Davisville and Mount Pleasant, on April 9th and 10th, the children’s grandpals were invited to join the classes for an afternoon of tea, dessert, and activities in their honour.   Each year, approximately 90 grandpals join 111 students for this memorable event.   This custom is so highly anticipated that many family members schedule their annual vacation around it.

According to the team at Little Tots’ Manor, at no time in a child’s life is a close relationship between home and school more important than during the early years. Their hope is that their Grandpals’ Tea provides an opportunity to help build community and home-school partnerships that support the social and emotional development of each child. Their philosophy is that celebrating grandpals and the important role they play in a child’s life helps children learn about the value of family, community, and culture, while also establishing a strong sense of identity.



“The Grandpals’ Tea is an event that is very dear to my heart. I will always remember the strong bond I had growing up with my grandmother (Granny) and the memories we shared together,” laments Delene Spragge, Founder of Little Tots’ Manor.  “By organizing this event, I hope to give children and families at Little Tots’ Manor the opportunity to celebrate the special bond between children and their grandpals and recognize the value they contribute to our lives and our children’s.”

The students enjoyed the experience of “show and tell” with one another’s grandpals. For those whose grandpals were unable to attend, there were plenty to go around. To end a successful afternoon tea, the little learners presented their grandpals with special cards and homemade gifts to thank them for their time and for being such an important part of their lives.

Raising our teacups to congratulate Little Tots’ Manor.  Looks like a smashing success!


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Joanne Sallay

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  1. joanne
    great day,wouldn’t miss it. thank you very much.
    some of us grandparents travel some distance to attend the tea service.
    perhaps you could change the time to before the kids have there nap.
    leaving the city at 5pm can be very stressful.
    just a thought.
    bill harkness

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