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Personal Concierges help you green your life  

How would your life change if you had a butler? I know it feels like an odd question in 2019, but humour me. What tasks would you gladly hand over to more capable hands?  

Would it be switching the house over to LED lights, or finding an organic catering company that accommodates your family’s dietary needs? Perhaps it would be sourcing the best organic cotton sheets for the cottage? 

Whatever task you’d like to hand over to the professionals, you’re not alone. Personal concierge services are booming across North America, which is not surprising given the increasing demands of our work lives and long hours at the computer. According to a recent article in The Guardian, in 2002 only 10% of us checked our emails outside of work hours but by 2018 it was 50%, and “often before we get out of bed.” 

Within the burgeoning world of personal concierges there is a subset of services dedicated to helping you green your life. In San Francisco, Friday Apaliski of Sustainability Concierge offers eco-friendly services like setting up composting systems. In Houston, Texas, Amy Vance, founder of EcoModern Concierge, focuses on decluttering and swapping out conventional products for greener versions. 

Here in Toronto, I spoke with Modern Concierge CEO and founder Tina Iaquinta. While not expressly “green” (at the moment there are no exclusively green concierges in Toronto), Tina assured me that greening your life is definitely within her purview. “This is an area I am slowly getting more requests for, especially regarding food. Many people are increasingly concerned about eating organic foods or sticking to a vegan diet. I’m excited to see more requests for sustainable-related services.” 

Tina Iaquinta – Modern Concierge CEO and founder

For many busy professionals, the research and set-up required to establish sustainable practices at home can be too time-intensive. Finding the best all-natural laundry soap or setting up a zero-waste kitchen are huge tasks for the time-strapped. A personal concierge takes all of that work and puts it into one simple phone call.   

But don’t think of this as a one-off kind of service. “To really enjoy the value of a personal concierge, you have to stay with us for at least a few months,” Tina says. “We learn to anticipate your needs and preferences, which means you never have to think about hiring a snow removal service or find a good organic chef for that work event you’re hosting. We take care of it and you never have to think about it.” 

Is this kind of service just for the uber rich, like Bezos and Gates? To a degree, yes: these services don’t come cheap. 

“This isn’t for everyone. But for our clients, who want more time with their kids and more time enjoying life, a personal concierge is worth every penny,” says Tina. And honestly, who doesn’t dream about having a butler to take care of the LED change overs? 

For more information please contact Modern Concierge https://www.modernconcierge.com @modernconcierge 

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