TORONTO branding and design studio launches wearable, collectable transit inspired designs

Toronto, September 30, 2014 – Just in time for a municipal election and the gift-giving season, Canadian branders K9 strategy+design debut their new collection of RidePride merchandise that celebrates Toronto and the personal connection Torontonians have with their daily transit routes.

The RidePride line, focusing on the ever-hot topic of transit, builds on the success of the sold-out #512 merchandise line that K9 created for the Wychwood Barns Community Association’s (WBCA) celebration of the 100th anniversary of the St Clair street car and car barns in 2013. RidePride was born out of recognizing a big appetite for neighbourhood-specific items after witnessing a #512 fan club forming and continuing to build post Centennial events.

“When we were working on the St Clair Centennial items, we looked to other world-class cities, like London and New York City, and noticed how they celebrated their transit.” says K9’s creative director Norm Lourenco. “It made us realize that Toronto’s is truly unique. While other transit systems focus on stops, Toronto’s focus tends to be on the larger network. There seems to be an affinity in what carries us to the subway not so much the subway itself. It’s a personal attachment, connectivity and belonging to a distinct neighbourhood. Folks have latched onto the subtle, understated designs as a reminder that we are all connected.”

The launch designs celebrate the 512 St Clair, 510 Spadina, 501 Queen, 504 King street cars, the 510 Retro Spadina, 320 Yonge, 310 Bathurst buses, transfer and a limited edition 320 Vomit Comet bus design has also been added. K9 will continue to add new transit lines based on rider feedback and desire.

RidePride tees retail for $30.00 and will be available in Toronto at the Spacing Store (401 Richmond West – opening fall 2014) and online at www.k9-sd.com. A portion of sales will benefit the WBCA.


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