Karma Chameleon – Receive the Karma-Justice You Deserve | By Sam Bederman #movementmonday

“Yoga does not just change the way we see things, it transforms the person who sees.” ~BKS Iyengar

Some might say the process of the algorithm is what connects us to our communities in the social media world. Others, perhaps more spiritual types, might say it is the universe’s way that connects us. How much of our karma is dependent on the search words we enter?

In Yoga, the book of Sutras is considered the most organized and complete collection of aphorisms in a manual. They are meant to provide us with philosophies that clarify many important esoteric concepts like karma. With my understanding of the Sutras, I believe it was no accident of fate, that I reconnected with one of my oldest friends after being estranged for 25 years. It wasn’t only the algorithm that directed my news feed into her daily updates, but the vibration of her karma to reconnect.

Connection and re-birthing are words that are associated with karma. When my “bestie” reached out to me in the way of encouragement and support, it was her karmic vibrations that made me feel a new path and journey was now available for us. She wanted to talk to me about her crossroads in life. I suppose, after so many years of distance, she must have felt a sense of comfort in finding out what my past experiences could shed on her future choices.

It was this moment I realized our karma was now an energy exchange traveling more parallel than it had in years. Our vibrations were more in sync and our estrangement no longer mattered. We were beginning to shift the past actions into a new synergy creating a new fate and beginning.

Culture Club front man Boy George, explained it best with one of the best-selling singles of all time worldwide, “Karma-Chameleon”. The song says, if you aren’t true, if you don’t act like you feel, then you get Karma-justice, and that’s nature’s way of paying you back.

In other words, it is the result of our own past actions and our own present doings. We are responsible for our own happiness. We are the architects of our future, not the modern day algorithms. All actions we make with our bodies and minds create karma.



Movement Monday: Tadasana, Mountain pose: The concept of standing completely aligned and erect and as steadfast as a mountain. It is the most fundamental pose in yoga. Self-realization exists in every pore of the skin. Self-knowledge starts from the skin on the soles of the feet when standing. The skin of the back body should roll towards itself and hug inwards, that is Tadasana.

Bring the soles of your feet together so toes and heels touch. Spin your thighs towards each other as if holding a block between them. Lift your frontal hipbones towards your rib cage to engage the lower abdominals with a slight lift upwards. Find your sternum and rotate the thoracic chest, your heart center, upwards by bringing your shoulder blades together. Level your chin to be parallel with the floor. Extend towards the earth with your spread fingers, palms facing inwards with containment. Tada!

headshotSam Bederman: Certified Yoga Instructor, (CYA-RYT) and Iyengar trained, uses Yoga to assist with healing injuries, aiding in recovery from surgeries, managing chronic and degenerative issues, and as a preventative measure to increase stability and mobility for overall well-being. Sam is a mother of 2 kids, two dogs and the founder of Yogabodii. Visit: yogabodii.com




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