Kathleen’s Tips To Survive The Weekend! #fitnessfriday

When Dining Out

Look at the menu before you go and decide in ADVANCE what you will eat. When you arrive don’t give yourself the option of having anything else. Frame what you decide to eat as  “non-negotiable” in your head. Other food is off limits. If it motivates you, tell your friends your eating plan in advance — get them to help keep you on track.

Stay away from fried food, pastas, breads, and heavy sauces. When out I often get a steak and vegetables or a burger with no bun and a salad. Skip the breadbasket.

If you know you are going to have a small treat, make sure to do a good workout earlier in the day and make healthy choices during the day leading up to the event. One unhealthy nibble at an event — when decided on in advance — is fine. An entire day of unhealthy choices is not OK.

When at an Event

Never get to an event starving. If possible, eat a healthy dinner before you go and then don’t eat once you’re there. If you know you are going to eat dinner there, then have a healthy snack before you go and have something small at the event.

Always drink water … lots of water. Water helps me feel full, but it also helps to keep my hands busy. Try and stay away from sugary drinks and alcohol. If you are going to drink alcohol, make sure to alternate with water.

Have a plan of “attack” – decide in advance how much you will eat and drink. When you want to deviate from your plan, tell yourself that you have to make yourself wait 30 minutes before indulging. Get involved in an interesting conversation so that you forget about food.

When Doing Errands

Avoid getting hangry – and then grabbing anything you can get your hands on – always carry a healthy snack. I always have a hardboiled egg, a few almonds, or a pepper in my bag.

Final thought

If you want to enjoy a treat with friends, go for it. Everyone deserves a small portion of something they love — I call that my “love it” rule — but decide in advance what the treat will be and make sure you have a modest portion and that you ENJOY it. Don’t eat anything mindlessly and only have the treat you have decided on ahead of time.

Kathleen Trotter, author of Finding Your Fit, has been a personal trainer, Pilates specialist, and fitness writer for over fifteen years. Kathleen makes regular TV and media appearances, is the featured trainer in the Globe and Mail’s Fitness Basics video series, writes for publications including the Globe and Mail and Huffington Post, and blogs for Flaman Fitness. Kathleen holds a Master of Exercise Sciences from the University of Toronto and a nutrition diploma from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. 

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