Kids in The Kitchen By Mary Wolff #TeachMeTuesday

Cooking is a wholesome activity to do with your child. It allows you to spend quality time together and make something delicious while having fun!

It’s no secret that getting your kids in the kitchen – even starting as young as 1 or 2 years old – can lead to many benefits such as increased confidence and independence and a more adventurous palate.  But it’s also no secret that cooking with children can be messier and more time consuming.  I can assure you though – it is totally worth it in the end. It does not need to be an everyday occurrence – cooking with your child just once every week or two will go a long way!

Following recipes requires children to plan, prepare, process, and perform. From start to finish, children must follow each step of the recipe. They learn to complete a task from start to finish and enjoy the result of their hard work—the food!

  • Take extra time for cooking and plan for the inevitable mess.
  • Use simple recipes
  • Read the recipe aloud or illustrate with pictures to associate with the written words
  • Create your own “special recipe” – allow your child’s creativity to flourish!
  • As you are cooking, teach your children about kitchen and food safety, ingredients and their origins and cooking processes and techniques.

Be sure to supervise your child during all cooking activities.

There are activities for every child, even if it’s just messing around in the sink washing vegetables and plastic containers while adults and older children chop and cook.

What Skills Can Children Learn from Cooking?

Language skills: Increased vocabulary for cooking tools, flavours, textures, figurative language related to cooking terms.

Math skills: Children learn numbers and counting in order to measure and add ingredients.

Critical-thinking skills: Recipes provide opportunities for children to practice following directions, sequencing, and recalling details. They also provide opportunities to experiment and explore transformations.

Fine-motor skills: When cooking, children manipulate different ingredients and cooking tools. Getting supplies out of the pantry, mixing ingredients, and placing toppings are some examples.

Healthy-living skills: Cooking healthy foods is important for your child’s growth and development. As you cook together, you can teach your child about food groups, nutrition, and the importance of physical activity combined with a healthy diet.

Mary_HeadshotMary Wolff

As R.E.C.E, Executive Director and Co-founder of Smart Cookie Club, Mary provides a positive perception, a sense of understanding and unique ideas to support and educate children, parents and caregivers.


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  1. Having worked side by side with Mary I can tell you that the children in her care will have the most amazing, positive and fun experience while (surprise) learning!!

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