Last chance to see Beneath the Banyan Tree – this weekend! | Theatre Direct – Artscape Wychwood Barns

Last chance to see Beneath the Banyan Tree – this weekend!


Don’t miss the show that children are calling “the best show ever!” – 6 year old audience member

Upcoming Shows:
Saturday March 28 2PM and 4PM
Sunday March 29 11AM and 2PM

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Theatre Direct’s acclaimed production, BENEATH THE BANYAN TREE, returns to the stage in 2015 in a special 10th anniversary tour. This beautiful and engaging production for young people blends theatre with classical Indian and contemporary dance to tell the story of Anjali, a young girl trying to adjust to her new life in Canada. As she makes her way through a day in her new school she meets those who are welcoming and those who are not. Anjali draws strength from her vivid imagination and the stories filled with the colourful animal characters of the Panchatantra fables who teach Anjali the nature of friendship and trust, the power of kindness and courage and the importance of being proud of your roots.
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