Leader in Midtown Market

Boutique brokerage brings expertise to Midtown

In the business of real estate for over 27 years, David Batori is a community guy. That’s the approach he and his fellow four brokers’ convey from his boutique Eglinton brokerage, RE/MAX Hallmark Batori Group Inc., where he set up shop in January. The 700-sq. ft. glass-front office, designed to make clients comfortable, is described by Batori as a “small”, but “really, really beautiful” space, also containing a lower level loft-style area with a boardroom, lounge and kitchen.

Born and raised in Midtown, Batori’s heart is in this community. He lives here, he went to school here, he got married here, his kids attend school here, he shops local here. In his career, Batori has seen many of his clients experience similar life-changing milestones. Here. In Midtown Toronto, “essentially, 401 to St. Clair, from Leaside in the East to Allen Rd. and Eglinton and Upper Forest Hill for the West,” says Batori, describing his territory.

In his career, Batori has seen many of his clients experience similar life-changing milestones. Here.

One broker among many in a larger RE/MAX Hallmark agency before combining his namesake presence, David Batori Group, with the trademark brand under his own umbrella, his agency’s Broker of Record emphasises, “I’m still under the Hallmark branding because I work closely with my original brokers of record, but we wanted to spin off on our own, so they gave us that go-ahead. So we get the great aspects of working with a large brokerage and economy-to-scale for marketing, staff and support, and the ability to work our niche market.”

David Batori: Local leader sells Midtown market

Batori’s group is Midtown. “We decided to focus solely on a community that we know the ins and outs on. So when people ask us, ‘What’s the school district?,’ or ‘What are the amenities here?,’ or ‘Where’s the best daycare?’, we can answer that without doing our research because we just know. We all live in the community, our kids go to school in the community, we shop at the local stores….”

Many businesses are moving away from brick and mortar, but Batori’s team, ranking among the top 10 in Canada, optimises the in-person experience. “We’re consistently one of the top-producing teams not only in Toronto, but in the RE/MAX network worldwide,” says Batori, a top three RE/MAX agent in Canada.

A physical storefront on an LRT construction site, though, has its challenges..”It’s an absolute disaster.,” says Batori. “I look out my window and I see potholes and vacant stores everywhere because parking’s a problem, and it’s hard to attract shoppers and people to Eglinton while it’s so messy, but I know that in two or three years, once they have a landscape plan and it’s set up, it’s going to be incredible; and the LRT operational, it’s going to be unbelievable.”




We decided to focus on a community that we know the ins and outs on

Understanding the diverse landscape of his market, the unique needs of clients, and wanting to share his knowledge are Batori’s selling points. “I’m finding that the new groups that are coming from different parts of the world, that are immigrating here, a lot of them want to come into the communities that have the best schools, great access to public transit and highways, great shopping, vibrance, life, restaurants,” he says. “And you know what? Eglinton, in my opinion, the Midtown strip of Eglinton, is going to be the new Bloor Street.”

Re/Max Hallmark David Batori Group
357 Eglinton Ave. W.



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