Learn to Stay ‘Grounded’ Even When in Flight – Yoga for the Business Traveler #movementmonday

Time to hit the road again, just two weeks after your last 5-day business trip. Take the next exit and drop off your briefcase because Daddy’s home and on duty. Make eggs, buy eggs, make lunch, ahhhhh, hot lunch, and buy more eggs. Teach short division, play Shopkins, top it off with a quick pillow fight and lights out…hit the computer for another hour finalizing your costs and expenditures before your next gig takes flight. Life is busy no matter what your configuration so creating solutions that provide more ease for yourself may appear attractive.

It seems we prepare by packing our true necessities, when we are on the road, with the exception of perhaps lugging along a consistent health regime. Travel often contributes to changing your internal clock, affecting your health regime, upsetting your diet, and confusing your sleep patterns. Superhero Dad now also has to be an advocate for himself and remember to nourish his own soul too. Without loving-kindness for ourselves, it is impossible to exude the amount of energy always required for having a loving kindness approach towards others.

Here are a few of suggestions to help support you while you are traveling frequently for business or pleasure. Yoga is often a therapy recommended for guiding us to a  focused state, a way to feel more grounded, and in control, as traveling thousands of feet above can have its way with you. If you already practice yoga or are interested in learning more about the discipline, consider adding one pose a day to practice before you get up and go and again before you retire at bedtime. Yoga works directly with your nervous system. The spinal alignment is fundamentally related to how well you sleep, digest, process, emote, and perform for the day.

I recommend Mountain pose, (Tadasana) for the Beginner, Upward Hand Pose (Urdvah Hastasana) for the Intermediate, Dog pose, (Adho Mukha Svanasana) for the Advanced Intermediate, and High Plank (Kumbhakasana) for a more Advanced practice. All of these are full body workouts within themselves and when held for 5-10 breaths or longer, they will increase your heart rate, elevate your internal temperature, and strengthen major muscle groups.

Also, consider finding a personal mantra and recite it everyday. This can be in the form of a song to which you have always loved the melody or lyrics, or chant something as simple as “aum”. Recite a verse of a song or poem you love, sing it or say it to yourself, twice a day, when you wake up and before you go to sleep like an opening and closing homage to your day. On your travels, begin to experience the power of your yoga. Your practice doesn’t expect you to show up each day happy, without inquisition, or resistance. It just asks you to show up and be present.

Bon Voyage and Namaste

headshotSam Bederman: Certified Yoga Instructor, (CYA-RYT) and Iyengar trained, uses Yoga to assist with healing injuries, aiding in recovery from surgeries, managing chronic and degenerative issues, and as a preventative measure to increase stability and mobility for overall well-being. Sam is a mother of 2 kids, two dogs and the founder of Yogabodii. Visit: yogabodii.com


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