Learning the Language of Yoga | Virabhadrasana II, modified and supported with Sam Bederman #movementmonday

Yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured and endure what cannot be cured.” BKS Iyengar

Everyday, I am asked questions about how yoga can help people’s bodies. If it is not about knee or shoulder health, preventative or rehabilitative, the inquiries range from digestion, immunity, back issues, alignment, and general wellness. “Can you really use yoga as medicine?” “How does the alignment within a particular pose help heal our bodies?”

Most of us are skeptics and perhaps looking for something that is instantly satisfying. Yoga is no answer for those who are not committed to doing the work required or are wanting a quick fix. Yoga, when used for therapeutic needs and healing, has the ability to take your body, mind, and soul to a place much lighter, kinder, and less painful. With those principles aligned, and the spinal messages reach the nervous system with a more direct pathway, yoga can lead you to a place of healing. Yoga is a recipe of reconstructive rest, strength building postures, combined with the use of mediation in action. Sounds kind of far-fetched? I thought so too at first, but now I need my yoga and I know it because my body talks to me.

That’s the secret to yoga right there…“body-talk”. Yogasana teaches us intense and detailed body awareness. When you can use your brain to control your muscles and engage them so much so, they literally hug to the bone, you can physiologically realign yourself to correct posture and often manage or change chronic pain. Imagine, as a chronic pain sufferer, whether your pain is physical or emotional, having a toolbox of yoga poses combined with the guidance of a custom designed sequence, that offers you the freedom in your mind and body to feel relief. The term “YogaRx” is just that… a prescription to deep body-talk and recommended poses to assist with your own self help.

For those who need a little more convincing and evidence, this discipline is more supported by and recommended by doctors, as a complementary and alternative therapy that can also be used as a clinical treatment, as noted by Harvard Medical School (livescience.com). It is more believed today that yoga practices can improve your health and reverse some conditions, slow down other degenerative situations and build healthy foundations for preventative measures. The practice of yoga generates a balanced energy that is vital to the functionality and success of the immune system. Consistent yogic practices inhibit the areas responsible for fear, aggressiveness and rage, and stimulate pleasure centers in the brain leading to results in lowered anxiety, heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure, and cardiac output. Furthermore, there are many studies today conducted to demonstrate the beneficial effects of yoga therapies when used to treat mental wellness issues like depression, stress, and anxiety. (ijoy.org)

I often tell my clients that yoga is like a self-help book, offering an individual the power of owning, controlling, and teaching themselves how to change and heal yourself. Yoga offers those who want to take their health matters into their control with an opportunity of changing and healing oneself. I believe yoga has the power to penetrate through the skeptics and reveal that the science behind yoga is truly for everyone who is ready for the challenges to self help and healing.

VIRA II supported

Supta Virabhadrasana  II or Warrior 2 lying down


headshotSam Bederman: Certified Yoga Instructor, (CYA-RYT) and Iyengar trained, uses Yoga to assist with healing injuries, aiding in recovery from surgeries, managing chronic and degenerative issues, and as a preventative measure to increase stability and mobility for overall well-being. Sam is a mother of 2 kids, two dogs and the founder of Yogabodii. Visit: yogabodii.com