One of a kind vintage ensembles from the Leslieville Flea

leslievilleflealogoWhen a classic Hollywood starlet entered a room – everyone stopped to stare! Every outfit was unique and every detail attended to. Join us as three Toronto women bring back the beauty and glamour of bygone eras with one of a kind vintage ensembles from The Leslieville Flea.  


Tiska Wiedermann, Business Development, Raindance Canada

tiska-velvet-double-nTiska – 30’s hair and makeup inspired by Marlene Dietrich

Look #1 – Tiska Black Velvet Dress with Rhinestone Buttons, 1940’s – $250.00 Sherman Clear Rhinestone Fern Leaf Earrings – $50.00 By Ma Ptite Chouette Vintage Leather Gloves, 1940’s (stylists personal collection) Lace Up Platform Boots, 1970’s (models own)
Look #2 – Tiska
Black Column Dress with Art Deco Inspired Cream Piping, 1970’s – $75.00 by Zazou Bizou
Shoes (stylists own collection)
Leslieville Flea: Your plans for the holiday season? Tiska Wiedermann: “Trying to wrangle a trip to New York…..“
L F: Your fantasy Christmas?
T W: “My fantasy would be to spend Christmas in New York, Berlin or London, roaming the fun parts of the city, visiting vintage shops. I spent time in the UK recently in London’s Shoreditch neighborhood, visiting the historic Spitalfield’s Market and vintage shops along the famous Brick Lane. The market changes their ‘vintage focus’ on a daily basis. I picked up a proper 1940’s men’s Bowler, and a 1960’s Mary Quant-style brimmed hat. Loads of fun.“
L F: Do you wear vintage clothing?
T W: “I like to combine a vintage piece or accessories with modern styling. The vintage lace – up boots in the photo above are from the 70’s and a current wardrobe staple.“
L F: Your reaction to your vintage makeover?
T W: “OMG What fun! Clothes were fab. Makeup was exquisite. Larissa from Blonde Moxie Makeup is super talented.“

Nitsa Staikos, Director of Trade Marketing, Rogers Media

Nitsa – 40’s hair inspired by Rita Hayworth with 50’s makeup
Look #1 – Nitsa Double Strapped Baby Blue Wiggle Dress with Faux Pearl and Glass Beading,1950’s – $350.00 by Partners in Crime Vintage Clear Rhinestone Necklace, 1950’s – $75 Silver Shoes, 1960’s – $45 Hair Fascinator Made from Vintage Holiday Repurposed Materials – $20.00 by Ma Ptite Chouette Vintage
Look #3 – Nitsa Green and Cream Wiggle Dress, 1950’s (stylists personal collection) Green Aurora Borealis Rhinestone Wreath Brooch, 1950s (stylists personalcollection) Leaf Patterned Coro Necklace, 1960’s – $40.00 Deep Green Faux Snake Skin Pumps, 1980’s – $30.00 by Ma Ptite Chouette Vintage
L F: What are some of your Christmas Traditions Nitsa Staikos: “My husband and I and our 3 children ages 6, 4 &1.5 do a lot of family entertaining as well as visiting back and forth between Toronto and Trenton. We also rent a hall every year with our university friends and invite all of our mutual friends and their kids. Donations from the event go towards various charities each year; this year our charity of choice is helping a family in need through the Sick Kids hospital. The event takes place during the day; and even Santa Clause pops by to say hello! At night, the adults go to a local restaurant and have a big party!“
L F: Will you be wearing vintage this holiday? N S: “Absolutely! I love vintage clothing! Any time I have a special event I raid my friend Jacquie Jeffrey’s closet. Jacquie collects and sells vintage clothing online and at the Leslieville Flea market under the banner of Ma Ptite Chouette Vintage.( ) Its’ fun to change it up with statement pieces and I can be sure no one else will have the same fabulous dress.“
L F: Your fantasy Christmas? N S: “A chalet somewhere far away from city lights; fantastic food, fun activities and time to spend with family and friends…just slowing down…“
L F: Your reaction to your vintagetransformation? N S: “I fell in love with 2 of the three dresses I wore – so the fashion part of it was a wonderful vintage surprise! My makeup was amazing – it felt classic and pretty – I felt like Christmas came early for me!“

Louise Griew, Makeup + Hair / Beauty Writer

louise-green-double-nLouise – 40’s-50’s hair inspired by Veronica Lake with 50’s makeup
Look #1 – Louise Green and Gold Brocade Wiggle Dress, 1950-60’s – $200.00 Tulip Patterned Coro Necklace, 1960’s – $40.00 by Ma Ptite Chouette Vintage Faux Fur Stole (stylists personal collection), Bronze Ankle Strap Shoes (models own)
Look #2 – Louise Red Velvet Swing Dress with Black Piping, 1950’s – $250.00 Red Felted Wool Hat Topper, 1960’s – $75 Black Purse, 1960’s – $40.00 by Ma Ptite Chouette Vintage Brooch and Earrings, 1950’s (stylists personal collection) Black Suede Shoes (models own)
L F: Plans for the holidays? Louise Griew: “My mum, who lives in New Brunswick, will be visiting my husband and I over the holidays. My mother is Swedish so we always celebrate Christmas on Christmas eve with traditional Swedish foods such as köttbullar and risgrynsgröt (meatballs and rice pudding).“
L F: Your fantasy Christmas? L G: “A house on the Maldives, lying in a hammock staring at beautiful turquoise water. Sorry, not very Christmasy but I hate the cold.“
L F: Would there be a vintage vibe in the Maldives? L G: “I am a big vintage thrift shopper, so yes! I would be wearing an amazing one-piece vintage bathing suit and floppy-brimmed ’70s sun hat.“
L F: Your reaction to your vintage makeover? L G: “My dream of being in Mad Men has been realized!“
To view Louise Griew’s Hair and Make-up tutorial about this make-over visit
Stylist Jacquie Jeffrey at The Leslieville Flea
Choose your vintage outfit at the next Leslieville Flea (, December 15th from 10am to 4pm at the Jimmy Simpson Recreation Centre, 870 Queen Street East.
The Make-Over Mavens!
Hair and Makeup – Larissa Palaszczuk
Stylist – Jacquie Jeffery – Toronto Vintage and Retro Society
Credits: Hosted by The Leslieville Flea Hair and Makeup – Larissa Palaszczuk Stylist – Jacquie Jeffery – Toronto Vintage and Retro Society Photography – Nanne Springer Toronto Vintage and Retro Society
Vintage Clothing: Zazou Bisou and Partners in Crime Vintage and Ma Ptite Chouette Vintage

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