Live Well Exercise Clinic – Toronto’s First Medical Fitness Clinic For Boomers

By Natalie Secretan

Walking into a gym for the first time not knowing what you’re doing can be an intimidating experience for some, but that’s not the case for members of Live Well Exercise Clinic Yorkdale. An anti-gym designed to help people with existing and pre-existing health conditions, Live Well treats exercise as a form of medicine and continued care.

Dr. Darren Ezer, an anaesthesiologist at William Osler Health Centre in Brampton, saw a void in the healthcare system for proper prevention of chronic disease. Dr. Ezer is also a chronic pain physician and runs a medical health centre with his partner, Lianne. Over the past few years, they noticed an increase in obesity and chronic health conditions among their patients, but there was no support within the healthcare system to help them.

That was when the Ezers decided to open up Toronto’s first medical fitness clinic. With qualified physiologists, kinesiologists, personal trainers, and health coaches on staff, Live Well is the kind of place where people feel comfortable, knowing they’re receiving doctor-led care and supervision. Dr. Ezer says:

“Live Well allows physicians to feel confident referring patients to a clinic that can facilitate ongoing communication between the patient and the family doctor. In addition, it allows the patient to improve their lifestyle, develop healthy habits and become more active in a safe, secure and supervised environment.”

Live Well launched in White Rock, BC in 2011, and has helped more than 3,000 people transform their health. They have several customized programs including:

  • Get to Target for people with Type 2 diabetes.
  • My Healthy Weight with a focus on healthy habits and emotional health.
  • Heart Strong for anyone with heart disease who needs a highly-effective approach to cardiac rehab.
  • Pro Active for prevention of chronic disease and age-related risk factors.

Members have experienced numerous health benefits ranging from medical to social to emotional, and they love the community aspect. With a supervised program, they feel motivated to stick to their goals. All it takes is two days a week. Lianne told us:

“Our members feel accountable; we actually call them to remind them of their sessions.”

With a limited membership of just 300, Live Well Exercise Clinic Yorkdale offers a personalized and comprehensive approach to prevent and treat chronic disease, promote mental health and help people live healthier for longer.

To set up a consultation, call: (416) 640-3669 or email:

Unit 104, 150 Bridgeland Avenue
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