[Local Biz Profile] Bite Me Bakery “Toronto’s first cupcake shop with attitude”


Dayna Richardson refers to her St. Clair west bakery as “Toronto’s first cupcake shop with attitude” – a description that rings true after just a brief stop inside.

Bite Me Bakery opened in December 2012 and specializes in bite-sized desserts, mainly cupcakes, with a focus on catering.

“What’s unique about my business is me” says Richardson. “I’m me, I’m rough around the edges. We don’t hold much back here.”

A glance at the catering menu and you know what she means. Desserts named “Get Lei’d,” “Tight Buns,” and alcohol-infused desserts are not exactly what you’d expect at a traditional bakery.

But this is not just any traditional bakery. Richardson’s personality not only reveals itself in her baking, but also in the way she runs her business.

“I got the keys to the building November 17 and opened December 5. I pretty much just came in, painted the walls and then opened up two weeks later,” she says. “My mentality is very European, I come in when I want and when we have orders and I kind of just go from there.”

While she says opening a new business in an area that’s still developing was tough, social media is what helped Richardson gain a following for her desserts.

With over 2000 likes on her Facebook page and several five-star reviews, Richardson’s desserts are definitely crowd-pleasing. So much so that her desserts are now available at McEwan’s gourmet marketplace, The Coffee Bar Inc, and Grace O’Malleys.

Before opening the bakery at 1034 St. Clair west, Richardson worked from home filling orders. “I basically was baking for a long time, I was always baking from home” she says. “I love what I do, so through social media I created a fan page and eventually people that knew me suggested getting a store.”

The interior is decorated vintage-like with, with black-and-white stripes, and of course, colourful bite-sized cupcakes that brighten the shop, adding even more personality.

The uniqueness Richardson brings to all aspects of her business may be what draws people in to her bakery, but the mouth-watering desserts are what surely keep customers hooked and coming back for more.

“I do have regular customers now” says Richardson. “I definitely know faces and know their children which has been really great.”



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