Love Begets Courage

“ Do not think of yourself as a small, compressed, suffering thing. Think of yourself as graceful and expanding, no matter how unlikely it may seem at the time.” ~ BKS Iyengar

Do you believe in the power of love? Love has an incredible ability to make us feel a multitude of emotions. But love is more than just a bouquet of emotions; love is more like a hunger or a drive. When you have passion and drive for something, almost nothing can stop you from getting as close to it as you can. Love is about sharing your affections while freeing oneself from over-sensitivity and the tendencies of the past.

A yoga practice can easily be compared to love. They have similar powers. Both will teach you how to recreate bravery, create more abundance, and will keep you grounded. This week I had to remind myself of a very key point, that although new love is all consuming and euphoric, more mature love may need to practice a little more moderation to keep that rich energy flowing.

There was certainly a time, where I would spend date night in a studio practicing
my yoga. Often it would fill my heart and soul with self-love and I would feel more complete. The hole in my heart was packed with forward folds, back bends, and twists. But as time passed, these practices presented more like a thirst or a hunger. It was no longer about moderation and softness. My yoga became the conduit to try and obliterate emotions like surprise, anxiety, anger, jealousy, and despair.

After months of cleansing my soul with affirmations, healing old wounds with acknowledgement and straightforward self-talk, softening my own self judgments with breath work, and a yoga practice that was custom sequenced for my needs, a new sense of confidence entered my space. I was ready to open the blinds and allow light back into my home. I was prepared to smile and laugh honestly leaving behind any attachment I had at that moment. My intention became less about survival and more about freeing myself from those propensities. And with this, came love.

Love is something that requires much dedication and persistence. Like yoga, your love needs to adapt to your desires and be modified for when things evolve and progress. Love is about balance, stability and flexibility. Once those elements are practiced, your love will endlessly flow and grow with you, just like the evolution of your yoga practice.


Many aspects of a yoga practice do not have to take place on your mat. I often encourage my clients to work with “5for5” principal. Find 5 minutes a day 5 times. With each 5 minute block, practice one pose, or practice conscious breath, or try repeating a mantra of your own on self worth, or even an inversion, if you are more seasoned, 5 times a day to infuse some cardio benefit into your day! Yoga is a personal practice that is not confined to a studio. There are no limitations in yoga just like with love!

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