The Lunch Balance – Rose Reisman Brings Healthy Eating to Schools By Stacia Carlton #backtoschool

IMG_2956(1)There is a place inside all of us where excitement and nerves meet. They mingle together often being confused for the other. I found myself wondering which was which, one morning recently. I had been invited to join Rose Reisman in her home for a morning of cooking and chatting about nutrition. Excited, undoubtedly, to meet a woman who can easily be called Canada’s Nutrition Guru. Nervous unquestionably! I was about to meet a national icon. Rose Reisman has been educating Canadians for over two decades on a subject that goes far beyond simply a career choice. She is deeply passionate about it and for reasons that began with personal matters close to her heart! Rose’s family have a history of health issues and she was determined that particular buck would stop with her. Through education and an unwavering ideology she has focused her energies on inspiring Canadians to tackle issues of better health and nutrition. The purpose of the informal gathering in Rose’s home was so that she could introduce us to The Children’s Lunch Program. This latest brain child is all about providing healthy, nutritious and of course delicious meals to children around the city. Created in 2015 by “Rose Reisman Catering” the lunch program was established to encourage healthy habits amongst youth and investing in their future lifestyles. “Get children eating nutritious, tasty food at an early age and I can guarantee they will eat healthy for life.” says Reisman. In her genuine and friendly nature she joked about her own families likes and dislikes illustrating that she understands the challenges of a picky eater. She chatted openly and with much humour as she cooked up three examples of what the lunch program offers; a creamy baked mac and cheese, pasta with meatballs and a chicken fried rice with edamame. “I get that not all kids are going to eat brown rice or whole wheat pasta – it’s about balance.” she says speaking volumes to the many who have faced those very battles. risemandishesschool The program offers a healthy hot lunch delivery that is customizable to suit every child’s specific needs. All meal options are made with real ingredients and real food, prepared in a nut-free facility with the ability to accommodate for other intolerances and allergies. The Children’s Lunch Program is available to schools across the Greater Toronto Area. The Public Health Agency of Canada states that the country is “facing an obesity epidemic.” One in four children and youths are considered to be overweight or obese in comparison to only 5 per cent in the 1970s. Obese children are more likely to develop a range of health problems. Recognizing the drastic need for change, Reisman developed the Children’s Lunch Program as a start to tackling this crucial issue. Her ebullience complimented the level of excitement, and as for nerves, her gracious and welcoming character erased any need of them. But of all the adjectives I may be inclined to use it is the word “real” that I find myself wanting to use over and over. Real cooking for real people. Rose Resiman is the real deal!
staciacarltonSTACIA CARLTON: is a culinary school grad and food writer.  Find her at where she provides delicious and (mostly) healthy recipes weekly.

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