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Tero Isokauppila redefines superfood with super-fungi.

Four Sigma Foods is a super cool mushroom company based out of Finland. You can find their instant mushroom beverage sachets in many health food stores. I highly recommended spending some time on their exceptionally informative website. If you have been curious about the health promoting, hormone balancing and immune boosting properties of mushrooms, Four Sigma Foods is an excellent resource! I had the pleasure of speaking with the president of Four Sigma Foods, Tero Isokauppila, for a fun, stimulating and informative interview!

Jaime Slavin (JS): How did you get into this industry?

Tero Isokauppila (TO): I got into this industry through family. We had family farms since 1690; my father is a farmer by profession. Growing food and growing up in nature, I understood the value of the food chain. My mother teaches physiology and anatomy so I learned about the human body from a really young age. I studied chemistry, nutrition, and international business. Ten years ago I started my first mushroom business.

JS: What is your favourite superfood?

TO: My current favourite is chia seeds, because they are a great way to get fibre, omega 3, and complete protein for cheap. The chia seed builds a liquid gel that cleanses my colon and helps with hydration.

I travel a lot and fly a lot, so the most studied herbs, is reishi. Keeps me balanced and calms me down. I love the research on reishi too!

Chocolate, cacao-cool neurotransmitters, my most creative things happen when I am eating chocolate. Wild berries, wild raspberries are something that I have always loved since a little kid. Avocado, really awesome! Spring water is the bomb! It’s like ice hockey, the team is always bigger than any individual. Therefore, no individual foods and no miracle foods. It’s more about getting a lot of good stuff in!

JS: How do you keep your immune system strong?

TO: First and foremost, I haven’t been sick in six years. To reach that kind of status it comes down to three things: healthy bacteria in gut and skin. People wash their skin too much with chemicals that are not good for immune system. Hormonal balance and vitamin D. (There is)compelling evidence that Vitamin D deficiency can lower people’s immune system. The third thing is mushrooms! I am extremely stoked how well researched mushrooms are.

JS: So, silly question, but if you were a mushroom which mushroom would you be?

TO: Lion’s Mane. It has many names, it does a lot of things. It is Yummy, delicious with salads, and a meat substitute. It’s cool!

A message I want to draw to people, give a mushrooms a chance! A lot of consumers are confused what to eat. Carbs are good, carbs are bad. Fats are bad, now fats are good. Vegan or paelo? . Start from a point of what all experts agree on: Eat greens. Nobody is saying salad is a bad thing. Eat diversely. Bacteria and fungi are often forgotten. These are two major kingdoms in our diet. Now in all of these categories, there are lethal animals and plants, the same goes for bacteria and mushrooms. (There are) good and bad in all of food kingdoms, but incorporating the good ones are important!

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