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By Katie Wood

A new partnership between ECHOage, a charity birthday party service, and the Hospital for Sick Children offers parents and children an exciting opportunity to make a difference in the search for a cure for neuroblastoma, a common childhood cancer.

ECHOage works like this: party invitations are sent electronically and invitees are asked to make a contribution that will be split between a birthday gift for the child and a contribution to a charity that the child has selected. Lilah’s Fund is now one the charities working with ECHOage. In only six years, this registered family fund at the SickKids Foundation, has directed almost $700,000 to research aimed at developing more effective treatments for children with neuroblastoma.

Lilah’s Fund was started by Lilah Petersiel’s family while she was still in treatment. Diagnosed and treated within her first year of life, Lilah is now a healthy and happy third grader in Toronto. She is looking forward to her ninth birthday party this April where her guests will be invited to make donations to Lilah’s Fund using ECHOage. The gift portion of the contributions will be pooled so Lilah can get herself an iPod touch.

Both organizations are committed to making meaningful differences in children’s lives while still preserving the magic of childhood. By coming together, Lilah’s Fund and ECHOage are providing families with ways to inspire compassion and generosity in their children and still let them feel extra special on their big day.

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