Making A Floral Statement

Top 5 Uncommon Reasons to send Flowers

Birthdays, Mother’s Day, graduations, and weddings. All wonderful occasions to send a bouquet of blooms. But what about the moments in-between? Sometimes, even more meaningful because they are unexpected and have a long-lasting impact. Such as:

Appropriate for typical occasions and uncommon ones


1. To make someone’s day

You see a vibrant bouquet and think:  ‘So-and-so would just LOVE those!’ Go with that instinct!

Random acts of kindness are karmic: what you put out in the universe will come back to you. And if you know that someone is, in fact, having a horrible day, it’s a meaningful pick-me-up.

Flowers: Creating sentiment and a sense of sensitivity

2. To say ‘I’m sorry’

No, not the tired cliché of the husband who screwed up, and brings home flowers. This is about acknowledging the screw-ups we all commit, at some point!

You said something that embarrassed a friend? Send flowers. You put your foot in your mouth at the office and angered a colleague? Flowers, with a well-worded note, will do wonders!





3. To celebrate a change

Your friend gets a new job, a new relationship, a divorce, or a new attitude about life. The baby-step changes in someone’s life are as important as the big milestones, perhaps even more so. They mark a new chapter – it’s important to acknowledge incremental movements.

4. To impress a prospective client

You’ve had a fabulous meeting with a potential new client. You want them to remember you. Sure, you could send them a handwritten note, which would be nice, but wouldn’t it be even more memorable if it accompanied a desk arrangement that their co-workers will see? And when they ask, ‘Where did
you get that?’ they will talk about YOU! Talk about
a lasting impression!

5. To make YOUR day!

It’s Tuesday. There. That’s a good reason. You finished your taxes. You enrolled in that class. All good reasons. Acknowledging your own accomplishments is a good reason to buy flowers and to treat someone, or yourself, to a splash of colour and cheer. So off you go! Pick some out and
make someone’s day.








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